What You Should Know before Getting Started With Wrestling

Wrestling has been defined as an act of involving hand-to-hand combat. The sport is described as struggle between unarmed opponents with a purpose of overthrowing each other outside the ring. Wrestling was believed to originate in large circuses of Europe specifically in St. Petersburg. Wrestling then is characterized by 2 fighters grabbing each other’s clothing or body.

Different kinds of wrestling

Collegiate Wrestling

This is sometimes called folk style wrestling. To score, the person must pin down his opponent on the mat for 2 seconds. Other scoring situations are controlling the opponent’s hips on the mat for 3 seconds. Both can give you 2 points. Simply escaping from the opponent will give you 1 point. This type of wrestling is usually used by younger participants in middle or high-school classes.

Free Style

Wrestling this is a kind of amateur wrestling also included in the Olympic Games. Grabbing the opponents’ clothing, kicking, head butting or punching are illegal moves; 3 warnings mean disqualification from the game.

Greco Roman Wrestling

This is an amateur type of wrestling being practiced in international competitions and in Olympic. Attacks below the waist and use of legs are strictly prohibited; thus throws are encouraged to gain scores.


This originated in Japan, ironically, judo means “gentle”. An opponent should learn from the person’s force to reverse it to his own advantage. It is believed that there are symbolisms in judo and strokes must be precise and exact.


Sambo means “self defense with no weapon and was developed in the Soviet Union. Before, this kind of wrestling is used as a part of military drill in Russia. Sambo is characterized by arm locks but there is no strangulation. The match always starts with an initial grip of the opponent’s belt.

There are certain developments being done in the world of wrestling. The most popularized is the World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. which is widely spread in internet, television and magazines. Popular celebrities abound the arena and people are looking forward to watch live shows just to feed their desire of seeing rumbles and smack downs.

Recently, E-Wrestling has been launched. This is a creative interactive game on the internet. The player or handler creates his own character and will fight against a chosen opponent; like doing it in a live show.

Wrestling is a kind of sport which caters not only to young but adult generation; females also get into this sport nowadays. There is nothing wrong with this kind of sport; having proper discipline and hard work together with an apt learning and you’re into the popular world of wrestling.

Training for Wrestling

Specific training for wrestling is needed because wrestling necessitates the whole body to work beyond its threshold. It is vital to train properly to have a lasting supply of energy in the body which is needed to achieve a peak performance during competition. It is recommended that training be continuous and in regular intervals to simulate the strength of the body. Proper training and trainees go hand in hand to achieve a good outcome.

Following are three suggested trainings for wrestling:

Training at a home school. This training will involve nutrition, wrestling moves, building muscles; generally, the whole wrestling business. Under this training are Anaerobic-aerobic exercises. One example is sprint jogging.

Ring training. Training inside the ring; can be done through engaging in a live wrestling match at regular intervals.

Show Training. This is conducted through watching live shows like WWE. Through this, the students get ideas and techniques from the real wrestling match.

There are several wrestling academy and training schools which offer sessions of work outs for all people who want to engage in this kind of sport. Listed below are some of the examples:

Elite Wrestling Academy or EWA. Enrollees will be signing insurance papers before they can get into the training. There are available trainees who can fit to whatever size, age and weight of a person. They are accepting anyone from 18 to 50 years of age. The level of training will increase per week depending on the person’s capability.

The Blake Wrestling Training Center, situated in Lambert Field house is another training center which caters not only to individuals but teams. They have new wrestling facilities and a more spacious arena and resources for team practices.

Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Training Center. The center is located in Pennsylvania and has been operating for twenty years. The school offers courses for people who want to be professional wrestlers, managers, referees and valets for those round girls inside the ring. Trainings will last for six months at a minimum. The center also offers out of school trainings. A graduation certificate is given after the course; assistance for promotion in the internet and magazines is also incorporated in the training course.

These training centers are a few of the worldwide schools available for wrestling. There are those located in Atlanta, Denver, Massachusetts, etc.

When a person decides to get into any sports, it requires proper training and accessories. Being into wrestling requires double the effort to endure the hard and laborious training needed for muscle toning, energy increase and stamina. Being a professional wrestler therefore equates hard work and discipline in and out the ring.

Tips On Choosing A Good Wrestling School

If you are serious about being a professional wrestler, you need guidance and training from a reputable wrestling school. Since wrestling requires specific skills, techniques, physical fitness level and nutrition, home-based workouts and training might not be enough to make you ready for the relentless demands of this extremely physical sport.

You wont find it hard to find a wrestling school because there are countless institutions all over the country that are offering wrestling trainings. The problem actually lies on finding a trustworthy and enduring institution.

Here are some useful tips that will guide you in finding a high-quality wrestling school:

Number Of Years Open

Many establishments that are claiming to provide strength and physical training for wrestlers have sprouted because of the surge in the popularity of wrestling. Many people are trying to take advantage of the rising number of kids, teens, and even adults who want to train for the sport or to become a popular wrestler on TV.

You need to find a school that is open for five years and above. Since there isnt a governing body or association to verify the authenticity or credibility of the school, you must rely on its tenure. Over 95% of wrestling training facilities go bust in their first 36 months in business.

Number Of Trainees

For an effective training of various moves and techniques in wrestling, the school needs at least 25 trainees. The small number of enrollees doesnt only mean less sparring partners, but also a questionable integrity of the school. Unless the owners of the institution are interested in doling out additional capital, few students mean less money for the up keep of the school.

Number Of Rings

The success of wrestling training can sometimes be attributed to the training facilities that the school has. So check the institution you or your child are planning to enroll in. It must not only have body building equipment and machinery, but most importantly a minimum of four rings.

Rate Of Success

People enroll in training programs because they want to succeed in their chosen career. If your school isnt able to name former students who are doing well, or at least starting out, in national and international professional tournaments, such as World Wrestling Entertainment, then its training may not be of very good quality.

Student-Centered Strategy

The success of the school is measured through the success of its students. Having popular and excellent students show that the training program of the school is effective. Ensure that your prospective school focuses on the developmental needs of its trainees.

What You Should Know before Getting Started With Wrestling
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