Various Types of Lawn Edgers Explained

When it comes to choosing a suitable lawn edger, there is one major decision you will need to make, and that is what kind of engine you want to invest in. There are three main kinds you can choose from, and these include gas, electric and battery powered.

Which one you choose is largely dependent on what kind of property you own, as each type has their own advantages and disadvantages..We will talk about each type below so you can get a good idea of what kind of best lawn edger you need for your property.

Gas Powered

First up lets take a look at gas powered trimmers/edgers. There are certainly a large variety of gas string trimmers out there, but only a handful of trimmer & edger models unfortunately. Gas trimmers are very powerful, and tend to make short work of tough weeds and grass. They are conveniently portable, and the running time is only limited by how much gasoline you have. Sounds good so far right? It isn’t all good news however, as these models also have a few drawbacks.

The first main issue is the weight. These models tend to weigh much more than electric or battery powered models, so it can get a bit tiring working with them. Starting them up can also be difficult at times, especially if they haven’t been used in a few weeks. Trying to get them started on a cold winter day can also take several goes, and this can get tedious if you are in a rush to get some trimming done. They are also quite loud compared to electric or battery powered kinds.Still, they are ideal for folks who have large areas to trim, so don’t dismiss these models entirely.

Electric Powered Edgers

Next up we have electric lawn trimmers & edgers. These are fairly economical to purchase, and provide a decent trimming experience. The provide instant power without worrying about any start up issues, so they are a bit more user friendly. There is also no need to worry about charging batteries, or having to run out to buy gas when you discover you haven’t got enough! Of course there is one major hiccup with these kinds, and that is you are limited to using them wherever there is a power point nearby. Most models only have a 10 or 12 foot cord as standard, so most users will have to purchase an extension cord to make the most of the model. Some lengthier cords such as a 100 foot extension cord can be bought for less than $20, so be sure to add this onto the total cost if you have a small to medium sized property. These kinds are very reliable, and are a good choice for smaller to medium sized homes.

Battery Powered Edgers

Another type is battery powered. These tend to be the most popular kind of lawn trimmers & edgers, and it is easy to see why. Firstly they are very light and easy to work with which makes the trimming work fairly simple. Secondly they are portable, so there is no need to worry about power cords or running out of gas. They are quite reasonably priced, and a decent model generally doesn’t cost more than $140 or so. The main drawback to these is that their running time can be a bit low compared to the other two. If you choose to buy a battery powered model, be sure to get one that has Lithium-Ion batteries as these tend to hold the charge for much longer than the Nicad models. Most 20v and above models can run between 20 and 30 minutes on full power, which is enough to trim and edge a small or medium sized property. Often manufactures will include a second battery, thus doubling your run time. You could always buy an extra battery if you need that extra bit of juice, so be sure to include this in your price if you think this is necessary for your property.

Other Types

Manual lawn edgers have rubber wheels and wide reels. These types of edgers have adjustable blades and can easily be adjusted according to the size of the lawn. The blades have been shaped like a half-moon connected to a very long handle. Manual lawn edger users need strength and time because they will do all the working of pushing and controlling the edger while trimming the lawn. Manual lawn edgers are good for small yards or lawn areas and give you a clean and finished edge.

Another type of edger is the string-type lawn edgers which can be powered by electricity or gas. To look at a review of an electrical edge (battery operated), look at our Black and Decker edger review.These types of lawn edgers don’t have blades, adjustments, guides or wheels attached. String lawn edgers only have monofilament nylon line. The monofilament line acts as a blade. The string spins at anywhere up to 12,000 rpm and is able to cut through any type of grasses.

However, the nylon will wear out easily if the edger is used frequently in cutting thick grasses or weeds. Replacing the nylon is easy and cheap though. When using the string lawn edger, the spinning line could throw some debris at your direction so be extra careful. You can wear protective goggles to protect your eyes and hand gloves to protect your hands from the string.

String lawn edgers that require gas for power are usually made for commercial users or owners with a large estate. They are usually powered by a two-cycle engine.

Features You Need to Check

Electrical and gas-powered edgers don’t require much physical strength from the user. Usually electrically-powered edgers have a long cord allowing you to work comfortably, but if your yard is large then choosing a gas-powered edger is the way to go.

Motorized lawn edgers, like a stick edger, consist of a small motor at the shaft’s end. The wheels of the stick lawn edgers guide users in keeping the grass or weeds trimmed in the same elevation. Because of their industrial strength, you know they will last a lot longer than an electrical edger.

There are one or two other features you might want to consider before you make a final purchase. One such important feature is the size of the trimming head. The larger there trimmer head, the bigger an area it will be trimming. A bigger trimmer head also makes your job a bit quicker, so having a 12″ or bigger one is often an advantage which helps you to save time.

The last feature we often suggest is to get a model that has an auto feed system. One of the more tedious tasks involved with lawn trimmers & edgers is trying to get the string to the correct length. This can often involved fiddling underneath the machine to try and get it correct, but an auto feed system removes all the hassle. You simply push a button, and the machine will automatically adjust the string to the optimal length. This is great time saver, so be sure to keep an eye out for a model that has this built in. Now lets have a look at some of the current most popular models available!

Various Types of Lawn Edgers Explained
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