Unique and Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

What is worse than a drab wedding photo? Nothing! Wedding photos capture the most important day and moments of your life, and they should be fun and unique. There is nothing better than looking back and laughing, reminiscing and remembering all the good times you had on that very special day.

Have you looked at your parents’ and grandparents’ wedding photo albums? I bet you have. Wedding photos don’t have to consist of people standing around in a straight line with fake smiles. There are many unique and fun wedding photo ideas in today’s world. Wedding photography has turned into an art form in which the photographer has the opportunity to capture anything and everything that happens, including those very special candid wedding day moments.

The best wedding photos are the ones that really show your personalities and things you enjoy as a couple. You should go to places that you love, or choose places that you think might have unique photo opportunities.

Wedding photography is a great way to be creative and can be used to help prepare for your wedding. For instance, you can use those photos on your wedding invitations, thank you cards, or even use as decorative pieces at your wedding reception!

Some Ideas to Get You Started

If you are planning a church wedding, you might consider having photos taken on the church lawn and in front of the stained glass windows or another beautiful area that the church offers.

If you are planning a beach wedding, you might arrange to have the photos taken at the beach with the two of you laying in the sand or splashing in the water. A cute thing you can do, and would look great on your wedding invitations or save the date cards, is to draw a huge heart in the sand with your names in the middle.

Photos for Your Family and Friends

The parents of both the bride and the groom will love having the pre wedding photos go along with the wedding photos that you will take. The pre wedding photos will also help to complete your wedding album to tell the story of the two of you.

You can even give take some pre wedding photos with point and shoot camera and send them as gifts to your guests and friends. Imagine how pleased they will be to get a beautifully framed photo of the bride and groom as a gift at the wedding.

Bowling Alley

For example, if you love to bowl, have your photographer take some pictures at a bowling alley. Put on the funky-colored bowling shoes, grab some neon bowling balls, and bowl! Bowling and having fun with your bridal party can make for an enjoyable time and great pictures. The groom can hold up his pants, and the bride can hold up her dress as the photographer takes a shot of their shoes as they stand next to each other.

A Sports Stadium

If you’re a sports fan, the wedding photo ideas the photographer can get in a stadium are endless. From photographs on the field, to photographs in the stands, you can capture every angle of being at a real sporting event. If you love baseball, bring your mitt and ball onto the field. Why not have a photograph of you and your new spouse playing catch? You can also have the bridal party hoist you both onto their shoulders as if you won the big game. Bring your baseball hats and cuddle up in the bleachers. You can even kick off your shoes and run around the bases! This idea is a home run for sports enthusiasts.

The Zoo

If you love animals, go to your local zoo to take pictures with all your favorite furry friends. Stand on one leg by the flamingos, roar with the lions, or just cuddle by the bears. Imitating the animals that you are taking a picture by can make for a cute and fun moment to remember.

More Wedding Photography Ideas

Posting an announcement of your wedding in your local newspaper is a great way to announce your big day! Having a great pre wedding photo of the two of you prepared will make it awesome. You can take your photos months in advance in order to give you enough time to get your photos back and choose which ones you want to include in the paper.

Wedding photos should be fun and silly and it should give you an idea of what to expect from your photographer on your wedding day.

Whatever photo ideas you choose, make sure of two things. First, select a location that says something about you. And of course, choose a great photographer to capture all of these fun moments!

Unique and Fun Wedding Photo Ideas
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