Things to consider when purchasing a kayak

Whether you’re looking for a kayak for a recreational getaway or its a necessity to help you master your fishing habit, we have reviews on all the top styles, brands and models. Finding the perfect kayak for your need can be a confusing task if you’re just getting started.

Throughout this site we are going to review a variety of kayaks for many different uses. Kayaks are extremely versatile vessels and allow for smooth, quiet travel over open water. Kayaks can be used in lakes, streams, rivers or even at sea or ocean.

Kayaks are very simple boats which require very little maintenance as they need no fuel or oil to operate. As long as you are able to keep paddling, the boat will always have power! Also, because kayaks require no harmful fuels or oils for power, they are extremely eco-friendly and they do not harm the environment.

If youre just getting started with kayaking, you may be fine with a simple recreational kayak. These are perfectly fine for paddling around on flat open water such as lakes and rivers.

5 Things to consider when purchasing a kayak:

  1. Will you be kayaking alone or with a partner? There are both single and tandem kayaks available.
  2. Leisure or Performance? Some kayaks are designed for stability and some are designed for speed and maneuverability.
  3. Short trips or longer trips? Some kayaks feature storage areas and compartments for longer travel and camping excursions.
  4. Where are you heading? Kayaks are designed to perform differently on calm open water versus rolling wavy tides.
  5. Experience? Are you an avid, experienced kayaker or are you just getting started? Kayaks are designed in different lengths which plays a large role in the handling of the kayak. If     you buy a kayak that is too much for you to handle, you may not learn the ropes properly.

The most common kayaks to choose from:

Fishing Kayaks These are some of the most popular kayaks. Imagine being able to quietly glide across the lake in the most shallow waters to find the perfect fishing spot.

Inflatable Kayaks These inflatable kayaks are extremely versatile and easy to transport & store. They tend to be less expensive then the normal kayaks but can get the job done.

Sit-On Top Kayaks These are recreational type kayaks that are not designed for sitting inside. They are designed for a person to sit on top which allows for such freedom as stand-up fishing or paddling.

Other popular kayaks:

Recreational Kayaks These include a multitude of styles and sizes and may be the largest category. They are typically are very stable kayak because they are short and wide. These are ideal for short trips on a flat water lake or river.

Touring Kayaks These are a speedier, more nimble kayak. Due to their length and design, they cut through the water with much less resistance than a recreational kayak. Since they are longer, they naturally have some room for storage of gear or overnight camping supplies.

Whitewater Kayaks These are a very specific breed of kayak and there are a few varieties in this category. Learn more on our whitewater kayak page.

Find the best fishing kayak for your needs

Fishing kayaks come in many different styles and sizes. Ask any kayak fisherman what type of kayak he prefers and you will get a different answer every time. Choosing the best fishing kayak for you means really knowing your own preferences. Some people, usually beginners to the sport, prefer to buy rigged kayaks that are already set up for fishing. Other people like to buy a standard stock model kayak and rig it themselves so they can set it up exactly the way they want.

Things to consider when purchasing a kayak
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