Best Baby Video Monitor of 2018-Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking to buy best baby video monitor and want to know which one to buy… you have come to the right place. Motherhood is one of the best feelings in the world. As women, it is in our nature to be nurturers especially when the babies are just newborns. We fuss over them and we want to know how they are all the time. With the advancement in technology, this has been made way easier by enabling mothers to monitor their children even when they are not in the same room through the introduction of  video monitors. That is why I have created a list of  top baby video monitor for 2018.

How video monitors operate is that they have two units: a transmitter, which ideally is the camera placed in the baby’s room, uses airwaves to transmit signals to the receiver unit which is the screen that the parent carries around.

The audio-only, baby monitoring systems have a lot of cool features. You can talk to your spouse on another walkie-talkie or speak back to the baby through the built in intercom. You can activate lullabies, night lights and check the temperature of the infant’s room.

The next step in evolution was naturally the advent of the wireless video baby monitor, which allows you the ability to see exactly what your baby is up to, either on a larger LCD baby monitor screen, on a smaller hand held video monitor or on your own television set.

Some of the more advanced systems offer color baby monitor choices, multiple camera monitors, zooms, pans and night vision. Many parents purchase this “luxury” system reticently, wondering if it’s really necessary, but quickly find that they love watching their baby giggling, chatting, waking up and falling asleep.

When purchasing a wireless baby video monitor system, you’ll need to consider how you intend to use it first. Some 5″ to 7″ video baby monitors attach underneath cabinets in a more permanent way, while others can be propped up on any nightstand or counter top. Another category of receivers are the handheld varieties, allowing you the ability to roam freely, while watching your baby on a smaller 1.8″ screen. The actual baby monitor camera may be mounted to the wall, attached to the crib or affixed to a bookshelf. Can you pan, tilt, zoom or get a wide-angle view of the room with your camera? These are all options to consider, and it’s important to note that they do not come one standard way, across the board.

There are many additional special features for most baby video monitor today. Some monitors enable parents to speak back to their children through a portable handheld unit. You may even be able to remotely access several different soothing lullabies, a night light, gentle vibrations, a mini-light-show or nature sounds for a discontent baby, all by pressing a single button! These features are often referred to as “baby soothers” and can be found on some of the more high-end models by Summer Infant, for example.

If you’re looking for a video baby monitor, then you may be surprised to learn they range from $100 to $300. You certainly don’t want to buy a piece of junk that will be obsolete in a few years, as improved video monitors come out, yet you also don’t want to overpay for something you can find much cheaper. Buying a baby monitor system can be a real dilemma, but it can also provide you with hours of watching your baby’s peaceful slumber and listening in on morning baby talk, without disruption. There are however many types of  kids video monitors which we will discuss below in detail.

We review the top baby video monitor products available on the market today from brand name manufacturers as well as products from less well known companies which sometime offer better value for money.

  • We identify the key features and benefits of each product
  • We analyze customer feedback gathered from across the internet
  • We identify the benefits and drawbacks of each product
  • We provide unbiased opinion based on each product’s value for money.

We do the research for you to make your decision easier when buying a baby video monitor. Product reviews, facts, articles and other information are added on a regular basis so please check back with us for the latest updates.

We reviews Top 10 Best Baby Video Monitor for 2018

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the amazing best rated video baby monitors for 2018

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

The first is an infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor. It has three lenses that allow one to pick the best view of the room. This is necessary because a child goes through different stages of growth such as when they are just newborns,they are less mobile thus one needs a close up view of the infant and as they grow, they move a lot about the room so one needs wide view of the room to monitor the child. It has a compact 3.5″ LCD colour display so one can be assured of very clear images.

It also has other special features such as a room temperature sensor and a talk back function all to create that safe environment for your child. It also has a long battery life of about 10 hours thus one can monitor the child all day long without having to change the battery. This product is available at a pocket friendly price on Amazon and the lenses can also be bought separately.

Levana Jena Digital

The second baby monitor we will look at is Levana Jena Digital Video Monitor. The feature that stands out about this product is that it has talk to baby intercom giving the baby the security of thinking their parent is right there with them. It has an 8 hour rechargeable battery.

It also has night vision, a feature that is not present in other monitors, at 15 feet so one can monitor your child even at night. A feature all tired mothers would like to hear is that the LCD screen turns itself off if there is no sound in the baby’s room thus one can get that much craved sleep after a long day.

Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor

Baby Products Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor has a transmission of up to 800 feet thus you can monitor your child from quite a distance. It also has a built in mike and speaker which allows you to speak to and hear you child.

Tilting of the camera from the parent unit can also be done remotely to get a better view of your child and it has an LED on the front panel which indicates the different sound levels of your child.

Just like the Levana Jena Digital Video Monitor, it has night vision capability to monitor your child at night.

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor has a coloured LCD screen with 25 FPS refresh and a infra red night vision. The tilt, pan and zoom can also be adjusted remotely to get a better view of the room.

IT also has an LED for monitoring noise level and alerts the parent when the sound is too high making them aware that the child is awake. For security reasons, it has a built-in data encryption unit and the product has warranty from the day of the first purchase.

This monitor price is a bit on the higher side but who can put a price on the security and proper growth of your child.

Mobi Technologies DXR Touch Monitoring System

Another baby monitor we can look at is the Mobi Techonologies DXR Video Baby Monitor. It has a coloured LCD display. What makes it stand out is that it has a feeding timer with alerts to notify the parent that it is feeding time. It can also be used outdoors where there are no obstructions and one is able to view up to 4 cameras on 1 LCD monitor.

It is a compact and portable unit for added convenience and has a wireless transmission range of 450ft allowing you tp roam free anywhere in the house. The powerful night vision capability can see up to 30ft in total darkness and has an extra wide viewing angle to let you see more of the room. By adding additional cameras, you can have up to 3 camera monitors located in different rooms and easily switch between each view.

The parent unit has standard voice activated picture and sound technology with auto-mute which helps you sleep better and provides the options you need. There is also the option for audio only mode. The parent unit also has a 2.4” TFT LCD color, tilting display.

With the A/V output feature you can display the video on any TV or Monitor. Parent unit comes with a 8-hour built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. The unit can also display on screen information such as battery life and has a battery conservation mode.

The camera has an extra wide viewing angle designed to maximize the view of a room. The powerful night vision capability comes on automatically and has a 30ft range. This camera can also be coupled with the Mobicam optional internet kit allowing you to view what the camera sees from anywhere in the world via the internet but is sold separately.

But much like the rest of the monitors, it has features such as the pan, tilt and zoom of the camera for better view.

VTech VM333 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM333 Safe & SoundVideo Baby monitor, has a two way audio so one can be able to communicate with their child at a distance so as to comfort them or reassure them that they are not alone, you are watching over them. It has a working distance of up to 1000 feet.

Much like the other baby monitors, it has a pan, tilt and zoom feature that enables one to adjust the angle of the camera easily from the parent unit. It has a high resolution LCD screen thus the images are very clear.

It however has an automated infra-red night vision unlike the othermonitors that it is able to sense the lack of light and switch to night vision. It also has the special feature of a sound level indicator which operates up to 5 levels.

Angelcare Video, Movement and Sound Monitor

Another great product from the popular Baby Monitor manufacture “Angelcare”. This set aims to live up to its name by providing a comprehensive feature set and complete coverage for all your baby monitoring needs.

The set includes a 7” LCD color flat screen and a 1.8” color hand-held parent’s unit. With a 350′ range and 900MHz technology this unit transmits a clear and secure signal every time.

The hand-held unit comes with a flip stand, a belt clip and a 10 hour rechargeable battery making it very portable and allowing you the freedom to roam. Both parent’s units have an auto-time out feature to save battery life and provide convenience, with a simple touch of a button located on top of the unit.

This  monitor set differs from most of the other monitors on the market and follows today’s trends utilizing LCD flat screen technology for a great picture. Having an additional hand-held monitor greatly increases the portability and convenience for parents.

The 7” LCD monitor has a built in carry handle as well as a swivel stand and tilt option. The unit can be placed on a tabletop, bedside table, or mounted under a kitchen cabinet.

The unique look of the monitor and ability to swivel and tilt for multiple angles is also a nice feature. Each parent unit also has the LED sound light feature to allow parents to visually register sound and movement even when the video monitor is in stand by mode saving battery power. There is also the option for two channels which aid in minimizing the possibility of interference.

The one touch on/off feature is only for the video, if turned off the sound does still transmit so you can rest assured that baby is still resting comfortably.

Another great feature that many praise is the ability to connect the hand-held unit to a TV which the manufacturer does not seem to promote but is still a welcomed feature for many parents.

Angelcare Video, Movement and Sound Monitor has a special feature of an under the mattress movement pad which senses every move your child makes and produces an alarm when there is no movement for 20 minutes making you aware that the child is asleep.

The videos displayed are coloured thus there is no need to switch on the lights when you want to keep an eye on your child. Other common features include the ability to control the settings of the baby room remotely, night vision among others.

Lorex BB7011 LorexBaby StarBright 7-Inch Video Baby Monitor

Lorex BB7011 LorexBaby StarBright 7-inch Video Baby Monitor and Wireless Camera comes in a very loveable colour of white. This is not its only attractive feature. Priced at $171.99, it only takes days upon order to receive the product.

The LCD is 7″ thus provides an enlarged black and white view of the room and a crystal clear nigh vision view. Encompassed are 5 lullabies that soothe your child to sleep and for that one on one interaction with your child, there is a two way talking system.

It however, can only be shipped within the 50 states due to regulations enforced locally and internationally.

Infant Optics 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision does not differ much from the infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor.

The only differences could be that the monitor shuts down automatically if noise is not present for up to 3 minutes. Also, it has a super sensitive microphone so one is able to hear even the little noises the child produces while sleeping. It also has an automatic frequency hoping system enabling it to change frequencies when crypting data.

The Philips DECT baby monitor

A new product from Philips at an affordable price and feature rich. with a few features overlooked by other brands.

The Philips DECT baby monitor uses a 100% digital signal and which is secure and private and claims no interference from cordless phones, WiFi signals, bluetooth or any other wireless devices used in your home. Clear signal technology allows you to view baby from up to 150ft away.

Highly portable and rechargeable, gives you 4.5 hours of constant use and provides the option to plug it in indefinitely or just to recharge from a wall outlet. A low battery indicator lets you know when the battery is getting low. Parent unit comes with a 2.3” LCD video screen and standby mode to shut off when there is no activity to transmit and instantly turn on and alert you when your child begins to fuss or cry.

The camera unit has many features, night vision for viewing in the dark, allows you to see up to 15ft away. A soft and subtle baby nightlight on the camera unit, and the ability to remotely play a lullaby to lull baby back to sleep without having to get up.

Night vision feature is automatic and uses infrared LEDs to output light invisible to the human eye but can be seen on the monitor. Night vision also automatically turns off during daylight to conserve energy. The camera unit also comes with a crib mount and is able to be run off batteries or AC power.

This is frequently listed as one of the “Top 10 Best Baby Monitors.” Using the latest state-of-the-art security technology, you can rest assured that your baby monitor system works free of interference.

Not only can you hear crystal-clear clarity, but you can also talk back through the monitor to soothe your baby. Added special features make it easy for you to monitor the baby’s room temperature and remotely activate lullabies or a light show to help your baby sleep easier.

The lightweight receiver comes with neck and belt clips for easy mobility. On the downside, this is also one of the more expensive monitors.

Motorola MBP25-2 Wireless Video Baby Monitor LCD Color Screen

Motorola has long been providing high quality products for new parents. Summer makes many different types of baby monitors that come in all shapes and sizes and have many different features, functions and details.

Just to be clear, this review is for the “Summer MBP25-2 Wireless Video Baby Monitorr”…there are other similarly named products that do not perform near as well as this one, just to be clear.

One detail that makes this monitor stand out, the Summer MBP25-2 Wireless Video Baby Monitorr has a 2.5” screen. The screen is slightly larger than the typical 1.8” and is also LCD with B&W night vision capabilities.

Convenience and portability was the aim for the design of this product and is apparent within its features. It is 100% digital and provides a secure and clear transmission with a range of 350′.

As stated above, the screen is a 2.5” color LCD and although it is larger than most of the baby monitors out there on the market today, it is still very portable and lightweight. The hand-held unit runs from rechargeable batteries and allows you to remotely pan, scan, and zoom the camera.

There are also options for nighttime allowing you to switch the monitor on and off with an easy touch of a button. Choose from night vision, sound light, or sound only. When the video monitor is turned off, the sound is still transmitted. With the video turned off, the monitor signals that it is picking up sound with the sound light LEDs allowing you plenty of options for monitoring baby.

The pan, zoom feature is made possible by a joystick on the front of the receiver. You must also access the main menu to adjust the volume and use the joystick, one of the only flaws reviewers have mentioned. Overall, this monitor covers many issues that past monitors have had with ease of use and concerns for privacy and interference making it a solid choice.

This unit transmits on a frequency of 2.4GHz – the same frequency that a 2.4Gz Wireless Network uses. Some Customers have reported that the unit does interfear with a 2.4Gz Wireless Network slowing it down considerably. When the camera is turned on, your wireless network operates at reduced speeds and laptops close to the camera may not connect to the wireless network. If you operate an extensive network based on 2.4GHz 802.11g wireless technology in your home, you may wish to consider another unit.

This monitor  can be mounted on a crib rail, table or the wall. The resolution and color are excellent, even late at night. With the remote digital zoom and pan, you can see the whole situation and catch all of your baby’s cutest moves, without interrupting your activity.

The DataLock technology ensures that you never lose picture or sound and the wideband audio clarity system ensures that you get no interference or static. The battery life isn’t very reliable, so you’ll be happy to know you can plug-in this video infant monitor.

Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor

Graco is one of the world’s best known and most trusted juvenile products companies out there. Since 1954 Graco has been producing quality products that parents love and rave about. The Graco iMonitor Color Video Baby Monitor strives to be one of those products that carries the Graco name. The manufacturers proclaim this unit to be one of the most advanced baby monitors on the market and utilizing new technology for quality, clear transmission standards and private, secure signal strength.

It transmits on a 900MHz frequency ensuring no interference from home electronics or phones and should allow the iMonitor Digital Video Baby Monitor provides a clear and uninterrupted signal. The video range on this unit is 600′ max but customer comments indicate that the working range of the unit may be less than that, but still adequate for most needs.

Wrapped in a sleek and portable design is a wearable flip design 2.0” video color screen that can be clipped on a belt or sat on a shelf. Auto infared night vision for a clear picture even in total darkness. Even real-time digital zoom feature for a detailed view. The parent unit is very portable and includes a digital clock and on-screen icons for easy menu access. The camera unit is wall-mountable or stable for a shelf allowing for left, right, up and down swivel options.

The Graco baby monitor is a budget product that has received positive reviews for its excellent reception and sound quality. Bonus features include a night-light and sound indicator lights, so you can simply see when your baby is crying, rather than be startled by the sudden, shrill shrieks. The system also comes with two parental unit monitors, which is a nice bonus.

All these products have features every mother would like to hear. Good thing is, all the baby monitors have features that cover the basic need of the need to monitor your child. Thus when choosing the best to purchase, it will boil down to the nitty gritty details and small differences between the products that best suit your home, your child and of course, your pocket.

Best Baby Video Monitor-Buyers Guide

Before you start reading the myriad of video baby monitor reviews on the web, you should first be aware of the characteristics of such a device. Therefore, something like a baby monitor buying guide is in order to point out the main aspects a good review should mention.

First of all, it should be mentioned whether the baby monitor is analog or digital. Also, it is worthy of mentioning if the baby monitor allows for one-way or two-way communication to take place. While generally one-way monitors allow a parent to view and hear what is happening to their little one, without any possibility of interaction, a two-way device enables the parent to at least send his/her voice over to the child, comforting the baby. As for choosing between digital and analog models, know that a digital monitor is less likely to suffer from interferences; at the same time, it is the more expensive choice.

Video baby monitor should include a comprehensive list of any special features present. Those features usually refer to various alert systems, in case something is wrong with the baby. Most are audio, but visual and mixed alarms are encountered too.

Verify if belt clips are included (these are extremely convenient to have). Moreover, check if indicator lights are present. Nothing tells you better than a blinking light if the battery is low or if the signal range is exceeded.

Furthermore, if you live in a large house, multiple receivers are always a necessity. You would not want to be tied down to a single room; there are chores to do, and a few receivers spread out strategically can be very helpful.

Roughly speaking, those are the main requirements a baby monitor should have. When you come across video baby monitor reviews that discuss all those aspects, and the final conclusion is positive, you know the monitors in question are worthy of serious consideration.

here are many video baby monitor reviews out there that say this or that is the best. However, as well known by now, there is nothing that is the absolute best all-round, in any domain. With that said, there are some good pieces of equipment on this market that are very close to reaching perfection. But always have in mind that, in the end, the final decision is taken based on personal motives. At best, we can provide some general guidelines on what a good video monitor should be like; the rest is up to you.

When shopping for baby monitor cameras, try to keep your eyes on the overall quality and features, not just the price.  You will find this piece of advice in many video baby monitor reviews, because making sure your baby is all right is well worth an extra dollar. And if you can do that in a way that is considerate of other needs, the deal is that much sweeter.

Now, you really want to look at something with multiple receivers, so that you are free to move around the house. Also, you want something with a strong signal; the better the signal, the farther away from the baby’s room you can be. Still on the signal part, it would be worth it to make sure you buy a monitor that operates on various frequencies, not just the traditional 2.4 GHz. Other household devices may interfere with it. Other good features are warning lights and low drain on batteries.

If you stumble upon a monitor that has all the above mentioned, it means you have hit the jackpot. Check out a few onlline reviews for that model, see if it isn’t too good to be true, then find a reliable seller, buy it, and enjoy.

The market for this segment is fairly large with a good number of companies activating on it, most of them with highly competitive products. However, in order to find the right monitor, a bit of research is needed.

Due to the high diversity level, video monitors can be divided into a few subclasses, mainly based on price and features. That means that the baby monitor cost is a good indicator of how many extras it has. The starting price is somewhere around 50 dollars, and can exceed 200 dollars. The basic models come with the bare necessities consisting of a camera, a monitor and an adapter. The camera can be mounted on either the room’s walls or a table, while the adapter is destined for AC.

The majority of video baby monitor reviews, however, focus on the mid-range products. Compared to the basic models, these models have a few extras, like multiple receivers, indicator lights (for low batteries and out of range warning), night vision, the ability to connect to web cams or other recording devices, and so on.

The high end video monitors allow parents to see and hear the baby, as well as permit them to speak to the little one; that is in addition to the aforementioned features. Plus, they normally have the best signal and are less prone to suffering from radio interferences. Some even come with multiple transmission channels, allowing for an effective way to avoid signals being mixed.

The end decision is yours to make, but know that many article tend to recommend the mid-range and high end products – for obvious reasons.

I hope you liked our reviews on best baby video monitor and able to decide which one is best you.


Best Baby Video Monitor of 2018-Buyer’s Guide
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