New Mattress Unpacking Tips

If you take the time to follow some simple steps you can prolong the life of your new mattress. Following the list below will help you get the best from your purchase quickly, and have you sleeping well in no time!

New Mattresses of all types

Consider that whenever you buy a new bed or mattress of any type you may take a little time to get used to the new bed. You may have some restless nights before you finally get used to it. I know when I bought my own memory foam mattress I didn’t sleep well the first night, but haven’t looked back since…


The mattress may arrive packaged in a box smaller than you may be expecting. In some cases the mattress might be vacuum sealed and will take very little time to expand to their full size. It would be advisable to carry the box to the room you intend to use the mattress and unpack it in there. This would reduce the need to carry the expanded and unpackaged mattress to the bedroom after unpacking.

Allow time to air

To reduce the “new smell” it may be best to allow the mattress time to air prior to fitting it onto your bed and making it up with bed sheets. The new smell is normally reported to last a few days in some cases. If you can, allow as much time to air if you find a new or chemical smell to your new mattress.

Mattress size

This mattress will expand out once unpacked. With the 12” mattress you may now have a mattress that is taller than your previous mattress. Your bed may seem a little higher from the floor. Always consider your new mattress size with respect to your previous mattress/bed.

Sheets and Bedding

You should consider both the mattress dimension and depth of this mattress. In some cases your previous bedding sheets may not fit the mattress you have just bought. You may need to also consider this whenever you are making your purchase and buy suitable bed sheets to cover your new mattress.

Bed Frame

Consider the bed frame you intend to place your mattress onto. This will need to be of a suitable size. It will also need to be sturdy enough to support your new purchase as due to their density, some mattresses can be considerably heavier than you might expect.


You should always consider rotating your mattress at set intervals. This will allow for even wear on the mattress. Best option is to rotate it every time you are changing the sheets. Although once a month is also fine.


Allow your new mattress time to breathe. I personally find it is helpful to do this whenever the covers are removed for laundry. This will leave the mattress completely open to the air during the time you are laundering your sheets. This will assist in removing any new smells or other odors.

New Mattress Unpacking Tips
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