Home Organization Tips

Some Home Organization Tips from room to room that will hopefully help you keep your home a little more clutter free year round.


Take everything that is removable out of your bathroom, literally everything. In your medicine cabinets, only put back the things that you use often. Your counter tops only need one decoration or two, Not five. Your counter tops are made for the things you use on a regular basis, not things that are just going to sit there and look pretty.

Drawer dividers are a GREAT way to organize your things. You can put all types of supplies and keep them neat and tidy having them separated by sections. Cleaning Supplies for the bathroom belong under your sink. All other knick knacks you can store in small plastic containers under your sink as well. If not, the nearest storage closet for your towels and washcloths would be a great place to store those boxes.


The very first thing to do is to give away or throw out ANYTHING that you don’t use at least a few times a week. If you have anything that doesn’t work, replace it. It conserves space and is very handy to you if you have untensil jars placed around the kitchen with your cooking supplies. Make room for pots and pans in your cabinets.

You don’t need 3 of the same type of pan, just one is fine. Make designated areas for where all these things are supposed to go, and when you put them away at the end of every day make sure you put them in the place where they belong! Drawer dividers for you silverware and other small kitchen tools are a great idea also.


Some fairly simple home organization tips for your private haven are the following… If you have anything in your bedroom that belongs to ANOTHER room in your house, it’s best to move it right then and there. Look at all the clutter filled spots in your room and go through them, keeping what you want and throwing away all else including whats in the trashcan.

Organize and fold every little thing you have in your dressers. If you have not worn it in over 6 months, it’s probably best to get rid of it. by organizing your dresser drawers you are also creating more space for things in the future. Don’t forget that unruly closet, which we mentioned on another page… Now your living room really isn’t much of anything to organize. It’s the main room where everyone spends most of their time, family and friends.

You should have all the home organization tips from the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom to keep your living area clean also. Dust, vacuum carpets and between all nooks and crannies and corners, sweep and mop any hardwood floors. Wash any draperies and wipe down your blinds. Anything and everything that you have to do to keep it clean.

Home Organization Tips
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