What Are Gel Foam Mattresses

The quality of your sleep can have a big impact on how your day goes from the moment you wake up. These days, consumers can find mattresses that come in a much more diverse selection of materials, construction and sizes than ever before. What this means is that consumers are able to get the mattress that is best suited for them.

No longer are people relegated to the standard coil spring mattresses and even they have witnessed marked improvements over the years. On the flip side, with there being so many options, shopping for a new mattress can also be a little overwhelming.

Currently, on the market are spring or coil mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses and air mattresses. There is a new mattress on the bedding block that is getting a lot of attention and that is the gel foam mattress. Many consumers get puzzled by the name and wonder what are gel foam mattresses? Essentially this mattress is a hybrid of the memory foam and a gel mattress. It is great for people who suffer from pain in a certain part of their body, is plagued with pain all over or is just for that consumer that wants to get a great night sleep.

What are Gel Foam Mattresses Made From?

Gel mattresses are similar in material to the Dr. Scholls shoe inserts. The mattresses basically uses the same technology. The top of each mattress is comprised of columns and these columns are filled with a specially designed gel. The designers of these mattresses made it so that each one of the columns be designed to hold a certain weight, so when your body sinks down some of the gel pockets will exceed the bodys weight and then sink down under your the body.

Recall a Dr. Scholl insert and you pressing your finger into the gel foot pad, the gel will glide away from your finger to accommodate the pressure that your are exerting through your finger. Gel foam mattresses operate in much of the same way. The top with the gel will give way to the heaviest parts of your body.

So what are the benefits to you?

The gel provides pressure relief to the body and some argue that it is unlike any other material that has come to the market to date, including memory foam. Perhaps, the best feature of a gel foam mattress lies in the fact that it is resilient. When you shift your weight or emerge from the bed after a nights rest, the columns will then pop back into place. Additionally, gel mattresses are generally not as likely to form body impressions that can become uncomfortable over time.

Unless you get a gel foam topper, the prices on the mattresses are a little bit more expensive than its other more popular mattresses that are currently on the market. So unless you or someone in your family suffer from aches and back pains frequently, a gel foam mattress may be well worth the investment because it does provide you with comfort and full body support.

What Are Gel Foam Mattresses
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