Essential Yard Maintenance Power Equipment

Like most things, the more time and resources we devote to yard maintenance, the better results we get in terms of a yard that you can be proud off. Fortunately, there are plenty tools that we can use to make the work less taxing and less time consuming. Power equipments designed to help in yard maintenance can significantly cut the time we spend on yard care.

Not sure which power equipment you need? Here’s a run down of the power equipment designed for the typical yard.

Lawn Mower

This is an essential tool for keeping the grass turf on your lawns to a manageable height. There are several types of lawn mowers to choose from. The reel lawn mower, which is idea if you have a small lawn, the motorized lawn mowers which are either gas powered or electricity powered, and the riding lawn mower, which is best if you have acres of green carpet to manage.

Lawn Edger

A lawn edger is a tool for gardening that is used to separate the lawn from a pathway or garden. It prevents crawling grasses from reaching the pavements or walkways. Lawn edgers have very long handles to assist users doing the edging while standing up thus preventing back straining.

Leaf Mulcher

A stand alone leaf mulcher is best for households that have trees in their yard. Especially during fall, when trees shed leaves, a leaf mulcher will come in handy. Instead of bagging and putting the leaves you collect in the trash, recycle them into mulch and use it to provide nourishment for your yard plants. You save on trash bags, too and you help the environment at the same time.

Leaf Blowers

If you have quite a few trees in your yard, then you know the hardship and the long hours involved in raking up the leaves and keeping your yard clean, especially in the fall. A solution to this would be to use leaf blowers. Leaf blowers, as the name suggests, blow on leaves, herding them to where you direct them. It can make sweeping your yard clean of fallen leaves much quicker.

Leaf Vacuum

The leaf vacuum does the opposite of what leaf blowers do. The suck up leaves and twigs and collects them for you in a bag that’s attached to the machine. You can use the leaf vacuum in tandem with your leaf mulcher. Just empty the bags of yard debris into your leaf mulcher to recycle your yard wastes.

Leaf Vacuum/Shredder/Mulcher

There are leaf vacuums that go a step further and mulches the collected yard debris for you. This can save you time since you don’t have to do the final step of mulching – the machine already does it for you. It could be more economical too, since you only need 1 equipment to perform all these functions, which means less investment and less maintenance and cleaning after.

Wood Chipper/Shredder

Now if you have a huge property with lots of leaves, it’s not just the leaves and the twigs that need to be cleaned. You also have sizable branches that need to be picked up. Most leaf shredders are not equipped to handle anything beyond twigs and anything bigger can damage the blades and the motor of your machine.

Snow Blowers

Yard maintenance is a year round responsibility. Winter snow fall is not reason to neglect your yard. Snow blowers can help you clear paths, walkways and driveways. Depending on the amount of snowfall you are expecting and the terrain of your yard, you can choose from simple power shovels to heavy duty two stage snow blowers.

Essential Yard Maintenance Power Equipment
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