How To Choose The Most Comfortable Shoes For Standing Long Hours?

Standing? Not a problem you might think, but the truth is far this. A simple activity as standing after a point can become increasingly difficult and if you have a job that requires you to stand long hours together – You know how back breaking this tedious task can be. Your feet is the most pressurized area and can go through some really serious injury if you don’t pick the most comfortable shoes for standing long hours for your job role.

A good comfortable shoe is the fastest, effective and the most cost effective way to take care of your health. Unlike smoking that shows its side effects during old age, the side effects resulting from long hours of standing in the wrong shoe is immediate. So, the best way that you can take care of your health and not pay huge bills in the hospital is to just invest in comfortable shoes that will take care of all your problems.

Why Do You Need Comfortable Shoes For Standing Long Hours?

  • Comfort – Who would be able to enjoy whatever they do unless they are not comfortable? A standing shoe has been specifically designed to make sure that your feet are extremely comfortable even if you stand long hours without a break.
  • Avoid Infections – Uncomfortable shoes can give you blisters, bruises, infections, corn irritation and sometimes swollen feet. A good standing shoe can give your feet extra cushioning to help you stay away from such problems.
  • Avoid diseases – wearing comfortable shoes will help you to stay away from long term effects of wearing uncomfortable shoes like back pain, arthritis, heel pain and bone disorders.
  • Better Concentration – A comfortable shoe will help you forget all about yourself and will assist you in concentrating more on your work. This will indirectly help you to increase your productivity and performance.
  • Better Blood Circulation – A comfortable shoe will stimulate good blood circulation in your feet which makes your feet relaxed even when it’s working.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Shoes For Standing Long Hours?

  • Heel Counter – pay close attention to the heel counter of your shoes. It should be firm and can handle any movement of your heel. A firm heel counter can energize your heel cup and help your feet to stay in place when walking.
  • Toe Box – A wide toe box is always preferable because it allows enough room for your toes without any pinching or friction. If you have bunion and hammertoe problems, a shoe with wide toe box is always preferable.
  • Adjustable straps –Comfortable shoes should come with adjustable straps, Velcro closures or ties which can be adjusted according to your comfort level. A non-adjustable strap may sting your feet after a while.
  • Cushioned Tongue And Collar – Extra padding on the collar and the tongue of your shoe is always advisable to protect the sensitive parts of your feet. It also allows the shoe to fit you perfectly and reduces any kind of irritation.
  • Perforated Upper – A perforated or well ventilated upper on your shoe is best to keep your feet dry and fresh all day long. With long hours of standing, chances are that your feet might sweat and ultimately lead to fungal infections. A breathable fabric on your shoe will help you stay away from such issues.
  • Orthotic insoles – Orthotic insoles make any shoes comfortable while standing on concrete. These soles reduce any strain on arches, balls and heels.
  • Lightweight – Your shoes have to be light weight if you want your feet to not hurt at the end of the day. Standing long hours in heavy shoes may make your feet excessively tired after the weight it has to carry of your body.
  • Flexible – Choose nice flexible shoes that help you to quickly move around without any help. These shoes will be a charm if your job role involves moving around for long hours.

Where can I buy these shoes from?

There are numerous shoe stores out there offering branded as well as normal footwear. The trick is in taking your time and analyzing each shoe for the right fit and comfort. Your shop assistant will help you to choose something that works for you feet, since different people have different feet characteristics.

Of course a branded shoe will have more advantage in giving you the right comfort as they have specially designed most comfortable shoes for standing long hours. However, any shoe that you buy should be first worn and seen if they are comfortable for you.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Shoes For Standing Long Hours?
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