Everything you need to know about buying best Washer And Dryer

What do you want out of your washer and dryer? Of course you want clean clothes from your washing machine and dry clothes from your dryer but how about lower utility bills? Energy efficiency? Less water usage? Saving money and saving the environment are always good things. Perhaps you want other things too so here is the low-down on what you should be getting from your washer and dryer.

Anyone who has used washer and dryer would have come across quite a few washer and dryer reviews. This is because today’s customers are net savvy and they spend a lot of time seeking information about the best washer and dryer and the only source on the internet where they can get this information are the various washer and dryer reviews where a lot of genuine and useful information can be obtained. Coming to various such reviews there are quite a few categories depending on the type of washing machines.

It is a known fact that stackable washer and dryer have been a part of almost each and every household for many decades now. However technology has changed constantly and this has resulted in newer and better models coming in. The reason for changes to washing machines has been essentially because of changing customer preferences and tastes. If one looks at washer and dryer reviews that were written a few decades ago they are likely to be in relation to the needs and preferences that existed during that point of time.

However, if today we are to look at some front load washer dryer reviews there would be quite a few features and benefits that are completely not in tune with today’s requirements.

Choosing the best stakable washer and dryer is quite a task and lot of factors that are relevant to today’s lifestyle should be kept in mind. For example the concept of dryer machines in washing machines is a relatively new concept that has gathered fame and popularity due to changing lifestyles and preferences. Today’s housewife is forced to take up a job to supplement the husband’s income and in such a situation if they have a machine which helps them to avoid manual drying of clothes it would be indeed be a boon to them. So the journey of washing machines has evolved over a period of time and so have the various washer and dryer reviews.

Talking about the features that should be considered while buying a washer and dryer we should keep quite a few points in mind. First of all we should ensure that we are buying a washer and dryer that suits our individual requirements, tastes and preferences. While some may prefer front load machines others could go in for top load machines. While some may like to have a dryer machine attached to it others may prefer drying the clothes manually. These features are best explained by the company’s information brochures and additionally good washer and dryer reviews are also an authentic source of information. Some other features that could be better understood are matters pertaining to style, dimension, color, consumption of electricity, advanced features etc.

What to Expect out of your Washer and Dryer

An average family does about 400 loads of laundry in a year; therefore, you know you want the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to laundry, an essential part of our lives. Whether you’re environmentally friendly, wouldn’t mind lower utility bills per month, or even both do some research on certain brands that can give you just that. Many washing machines and dryers are energy star qualified.

Picking the right Size

Depending on whether you get a front load washer, which is more efficient and uses less water, or a top load washer, the prices can vary. The average size of a front load washer and dryer is 27 inches wide, 36 inches long and 27 inches deep. Top load washer and dryers are usually 27 inches wide, up to 42 inches long and 25 inches deep. Stackable washer dryers take up less space because they are stacked one on top of the other, but then you have to double the height of regular washers and dryers, so the width can be around 27 inches but the height can be from 66 to 70 inches, depending on brand. So, you definitely want to pick the right size to make your time as efficient as possible as well as your space.

How much do they Cost?

Now, depending on brand, and style, one washer unit can cost anywhere from $300 to $1200. A separate dryer unit can also cost right around the same amount. If you choose to buy stackable washer dryer unit, they can be a little more expensive, ranging from $500 to $3000, but they have several benefits such as taking up less space and are very energy efficient. You can expect to lower utility bills with front load stackable washer dryers.

And if you buy an all in one unit washer dryer, the cost can be anywhere from $700 to $1500. Again this unit is more expensive but energy efficient and convenient for those who do not have too much space to spare.

What is the Lifespan of the average Washing Machine and Dryer?

Washing machines and dryers are essential parts of our lives and they are not cheap, therefore, manufacturers claim that the life of a washing and drying machine can be up to 13 to 14 years, of course with good maintenance and care.  Make sure you do your research before investing in a washing machine and dryer and purchase a quality brand with a good track record. A reliable washing machine and dryer can definitely help make your daily life a little easier.

Safety is another factor that has to be very carefully considered while buying a washer, dryer. The washing machine by itself is very safe but if one goes by history and also by the various washer and dryer reviews, they are sure to find out that dryers can be a major source of duct fires unless proper care is taken and maintenance done.

Everything you need to know about buying best Washer And Dryer
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