Best Wrestling Shoes 2018-Buyer’s Guide

Wrestling is a tricky kind of sport. If you decided to go in for wrestling, you need special shoes. I used online search and learned much interesting about wrestling shoes. They seemed to be very various actually. There are a lot of famous brands manufacturing shoes for this kind of sport: Adidas, Nike, Cliff Keen and others. That is why I have created a list of best wrestling shoes for 2017 and 2018.

You can buy them at particular online stores I used to save money online and got comfortable footwear for sport. Wrestling footwear should be made from soft material, including a sole. Sometimes it can be made fabric insets on it. The most widespread material for it is leather and chamois leather. They should be fixed on a foot and completely cover up an ankle. It is not necessary to buy too low or too free wrestling footwear.


best wrestling shoes for lifting

As strange as it may sound, athletes have secrets. For instance, you may be wondering what exactly is behind the fastest wrestler move, well, it is because every athlete has his secret to success fighting in spite of the fact that all athletes usually put in a lot of effort to win every competition which they take part in.

So that you know, the real secret usually lies in a mix of the approach they take to wrestling. In fact, most of the successful athletes do not have an idea of the significance of their muscle system. Instead, most of them mainly rely on the power o their body and muscles. One of the things which very few people are aware of that it contributes significantly to the success of any athlete is the power of the wrestling shoes which is used when fighting. In fact, according to reports, very few people understand the influence of adequately fitting shoes especially when it comes down to wrestling.

For professionals, their doctors always recommend that their sporting shoes are specifically designed for them. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to reach out to a sports doctor if you are the type of person who is merely interested in a pair of shoes for morning exercise. Regardless of the reason you want top wrestling shoes, below are few basic techniques which will help you deal with making the right choice.

First off, you need to take into serious consideration the brand of wrestling shoes. Forget the notion that quality brand shoes are always expensive. Remember, if you settle for quality wrestling shoes, issues with durability will never be an issue as they shoes will most definitely last for long. Remember, in case you choose to settle for less expensive shoes chances are they will not last for long that is if you are lucky enough to find a pair which fits well.

It is always expected that when running, different motions of the feet are continuously being created. The pronation and supination are the two most common types of action created as a result of the movement of the feet. It is for this reason that it is strongly recommended that you always check the motion of the control shoes. In case the shoes you are interested in are not able to manipulate the movement of the foot, chances are they will limit excess movement which in turn can easily harm the feet hence pain which is commonly felt wearing the wrong type of shoes.

To avoid such a terrible experience, it is strongly advised that you first off check the shoes by flexing them from the front towards the back and then sideways. Keep in mind any good shoe always inhibit excessive motion hence able to provide comfort. Remember, the cushion on the feet is a very important element which you should seriously take into serious consideration when looking for the professional wrestling shoes.

If you want to research the wrestling footwear in the market, you can find a whole lot of brands with stylish looks and performance. Each pair of shoes speaks the language of fashion, and it gives complete style to women you will feel the best performance after wearing these boots.

If you take the list of the wrestling footwear, there are many brands to choose from. These shoes are unique is designs, and they complete protection to the feet. Let’s see come of the best wrestling footwear available in the market.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the list of wrestling shoes for the year 2017 and 2018.

Top 10 Best Wrestling Shoes for 2018

Asics Men’s Aggressor 2

ASICS is a world-known manufacturer, and this model is no exception to the brand’s quality standards.

The shoes come in 3 different color combinations, ranging from combinations of green and navy to mixtures of black and lime. Around 80% of the customers who have chosen this product have reported that it fits as expected.

This shoe weighs is 8.4 ounces and have breathable single layer mesh tongue, which is why the shoes are comfortable to wear and excellent for the fight.

This is a relatively inexpensive model that has acquired a decent number of positive reviews for great ankle support.

  • They are very durable
  • They are super comfortable
  • Good ankle support
  • Proper sizing
  • Shoe slipped if the mat had any moisture

ASICS Men’s Dan Gable Ultimate 4

If you’re looking for a pair of wrestling shoes for flat feet, you’ve just found it. Both the GEL cushioning system and Split sole design of this model have been praised time and time again by customers, of whom around 90% claim that it fits as expected.

3 Color variants include combinations of black and lime and orange and apple green.

The ASICS Dan Gable Ultimate includes the latest cutting-edge F.A.S.T. technology, which is known to increase the user’s speed and ability to exercise considerably.

  • Split sole design
  • Extremely flexible
  • Fit perfectly
  • Improved performance and breathability
  • None

Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4

This is an inexpensive model destined for female customers. As is the case with other products in the line, it can be purchased in a wide array of color alternatives. The unit has a Rubber sole and Split-suede outsole, allowing customers to benefit from the freedom they require when doing their wrestling exercise.

Some buyers have reported that these shoes are perfect for beginners, considering that they can withstand anything from hardcore inclined workouts to regular match practice. They’re airy and lightweight wrestling shoes and fit according to the chosen size

  • Leather made
  • Ultra-lightweight shoe
  • Plenty of mesh breathability
  • None

Adidas Pretereo III

This is a leather type of shoe that is destined for the use of male customers. Over 85% of the people who have bought the Adidas Pretereo III claim that it fits as expected.

The model features a rubber sole and Split-suede outsole. The long-lasting cushioning is mainly due to the midsole foam.

More than 89% of the individuals who decided to go for this product were satisfied with the value it offers, so much so that they ended up providing 5-star ratings. Some have even gone as far as to state that these are top wrestling shoes with professional grip under 100 dollars.

  • Looks great
  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • Fit perfectly
  • Little slippery

ASICS Men’s JB Elite V2.0

We’ve saved this item for the last, as it can be a little out of the budget of some people. Some online retailers sell it for around two hundred bucks, but Amazon customers can get it for half the price.

The model has improved rubber compound split sole design. The Breathable single layer mesh body makes is more comfortable. This is a great looking wrestling footwear with wide toe box, and it is said that it is the perfect practice and match.

The ASICS JB Elite 2.0 is a durable and versatile product that can considerably enhance anyone’s practice routine.

  • The shoes are very comfortable
  • Fit perfectly
  • Have great traction
  • Very flexible sole
  • None

ASICS Men’s Cael V7.0

ASICS Company has a huge collection of shoes for the wrestler, these shoes are made with the latest technology, and they give good support to the feet. ASICS boasts about the wrestling footwear, and they have good style and performance.

ASICS is the most preferred sneaker in the world, and it has good demand among the customers. The Cael V7.0 is the best wrestling footwear because they are lightweight and give good clutch to the feet.

ASICS is a good pair of shoes, and it gives excellent comfort to the user. This is a cool pair of shoes is the top wrestling shoes, and it gives the superb performance on your feet.

Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV

If you are looking for the wrestling footwear, you can find amazing sneaker models in Adidas brand. These sneakers have a good reputation in the market, and it is one of the hot selling brands in the world. Adidas Adizero Wrestling XIV Wrestling is a cool pair of sneakers, which comes with high-end performance. This is a basic sneaker model in Adidas, and it is the wrestling footwear.

You can use this shoe for indoor and outdoor activities, and it gives a good feel to the leg. Many companies are making the right wrestling shoes but nothing can beat the performance of Adidas brand.

Adidas Adizero Wrestling XIV Wrestling is the most elegant wrestling footwear. The make of the shoes is perfectly designed to give a good appearance of the feet. The bottom portion of the shoes comes with a good grip and helps the user to move better. Adidas Company is in the shoe making business for the past two decades, and they have designed quality shoes with total perfection.

Otomix White Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA & Boxing Shoe

You can find the good wrestling shoes in the Otomix shoe collection. These shoes are designed with absolute perfection to give maximum performance. The Otomix is the wrestling footwear, and it comes with rich styles and looks.

Otomix Stingray model is a cool creation by Otomix and it gives complete protection while practicing or match. Otomix Company gives more attention to their shoes so that the customers are satisfied with the performance of the shoes. This wrestling footwear looks sexy and attractive with the unique color shades.

Rasslin’ Neo 3.0 Youth

Rasslin has introduced the best youth wrestling footwear, and there are many good sneaker models to choose from. If you look at the Neo 3.0 Youth model, you will be astonished by the looks and styles of the shoes. These sneakers are made exclusively for wrestler, and they give good clutch to the feet. These sneaker models are light-weight shoes, and they are professional wrestling shoes, and it has good show and durability.

This Neo 3.0 Youth Shoe model is known for high performance and give better protection to the feet. These sneakers are regarded as the top wrestling shoes because these shoes are worth value for money.

Brute Xplode

The Brute Company has ruled the shoe market for many years, and it has introduced much breathtaking designs to the customers. If you look at the shoes in Brute there are some special sneakers designed for wrestling. The footwear includes Nike Xplode, this is an excellent pair of shoes used for indoor and outdoor activities, and it keeps the feet stylish and intact.

This sneaker is low neck wrestling footwear, and it provides complete protection to the feet. This shoe is a lightweight sneaker and it gives a superb performance. If you look at the top wrestling footwear, there are many brands found in the stores. But to get right shoes for impressive performance, you should choose the branded ones.

Best Wrestling Shoes- Buyer’s Guide

Best Wrestling Shoes- Buyer’s Guide
When looking for the good wrestling shoes on the market, there are several things which need to be taken into consideration. For instance, it is very important to take into consideration reliability, level of comfort as well as the price. That aside, there are also several types of shoes to choose from which in turn raises the need to carry out a detailed comparison of the available shoe options.

There are a couple of significant factors which need to be taken into consideration when it comes to shopping for athletic shoes or wrestling footwear. Taking these factors into consideration is very important mainly because settling for an odd choice for a shoe can quickly lead to you sustaining injuries, experiencing muscle stress and endless pain when wearing the shoes. In fact, instead of enjoying the jog which is always supposed to be a fun exercise, wearing the wrong pair of shoes can easily make the whole experience turn out to be the complete opposite. Taking into consideration the fact that most women are not used to tough challenges, they are bound to quickly get injured upon using the wrong pair of shoes when exercising.

This being the case, it is essential to take some factors into consideration when thinking of buying a new pair of wrestling shoes. Examples of the elements to take into account include: the type of feet, the gait type as well as the playstyle etc

It is also important to understand the fact that the feet is classified into three sections, there is the normal pronator (commonly referred to as the normal arch), the over pronator (commonly referred to as the flat arch) and the supinator (commonly referred to as the high arch). it is very important to learn what type of feet a person has to make sure that he/she can pick a wrestling shoe which when worn will significantly minimize any stress that is set in the foot. The normal pronator is by far the most important type of feet. One of the best things about having this type of feet is the fact that you won’t need to worry about any specialized material in a bid to control muscle stress or Injury.

In fact, it has been found that just about any type of shoe can easily fit into this foot. The overpronator, on the other hand, requires a shoe which has a good inside support and is made using a durable material. Interesting thing is, when a wrong pair of shoe is chosen, there is a greater tendency that it will most likely wear down fast if exposed to a lot of strain particularly around the knee joint. The supinator type of feet does not allow for the distribution of weight to the entire body. It is for this reason that anyone with this type of feet is strongly encouraged to settle for shoes which are neutral and well cushioned.

wrestling shoesWhen it comes down to choosing the wrestling footwear, it is very important to take into serious consideration the gait type and walking style. Take note, in most cases. The gait type is many at times associated with the pronation or the type of feet that a person has.

For instance, a normal pronator strikes the ground with the lateral side of the heel meaning weight transfer is directed to the medial direction. This style of walking ends up leading to the distribution of the weight evenly.

Another equally important thing to take into consideration includes the fact that the over pronator involves external rotation at the knee, hip, and ankle. What’s more, the supinator strikes also strike the ground with the lateral side of the heel through the weight is never evenly distributed. Simply put, this type of feet does not absorb shock efficiently.

Everything taken into consideration, it is very important to note that the internet is by far the best portal for almost everything that is feminine like from clothes down to shoes. All you need to make the right choice is simple knowledge of what you need.

Below is an overview of the top ten tips which you should seriously take into consideration to get the top wrestling shoes, they include:


Since you will be moving around in these shoes, it is very important to consider their stability. In fact, the stability of shoes never is jeopardized. The perfect shoes need to be characteristic of reliability and stability to prevent them from wobbling simply because the shoes gave way when you were running.


Everyone would like to wear a shoe that is very comfortable. Decent Wrestling footwear, therefore, need to be exceptionally comfortable. They should not cause any form of pain around the feet. Take note, shoes which are too tight increase the possibility of sustaining injuries and causing discomfort. In case you have a high arch, make sure that you choose the right shoe one which is characteristic of extra padding for additional comfort.

Motion control

The top wrestling shoe should provide maximum support for the arch of the feet as well as at the front of the feet. Most important of all, the shoes should allow you to easily pause and move with ease at any time without fear or the possibility of slipping.

The price

The shoes vary in price hence you should compare the  different shoe prices and settle for the one which suits your budget.


Make sure that pair of shoe which you are interested in is highly durable and able to easily withstand assaults from the immediate environment, e.g. practicing in open terrains, etc


It is essential to make sure that the shoe has proper traction hence able to grip on many different surfaces without giving away.


Choose to shop from a manufacturer who has a reliable track record for producing excellent shoe designs. Doing so will help enhance your own strengths and augment your weaknesses.


Pay close attention to the warranty period when you make your purchase. Any good pair of shoes should always have good warranty period to help protect it from all kinds of manufacturing defects after it is bought. Reviews – carefully go through the review made by other people who have had the opportunity to use the same shoes which you are interested in. Going through the opinions of other users will help point you in the right direction whether that shoe will compliment your progress.

Comparison shopping takes time and carry out some comparison shopping as this will help you familiarize yourself with the most affordable deal on offer hence allowing you to save a bundle while buying best wrestling shoes.

Best Wrestling Shoes 2018-Buyer’s Guide
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