Best video camera for youtube 2018-Buyer’s Guide

In order to maintain the memorability of a particular event, one has to use the best video cameras which are most suitable for sports in capturing such moments. With that in mind, here are a number of  best video camera for youtube reviews to help you in determining which one would best meet the expected results.

Here’s our picks for the Top 10 Best video camera for youtube, to help you get the most value for your money. Below is the reviews which shows the top 10 HD Video Cameras 2017. Each and every best video cameras is chosen by our professional reviewers.

Top tent Best video camera for youtube to buy in 2018


In order to capture your moments, you would need to use the best camera that best suits that purpose. On that note, GoPro HERO4 SILVER is a camera that would help you in capturing your world in a completely unique manner. With the ability to playback content and framing your video clips, everything is made easy as you only have to swipe, view and tap on the screen. With this sports camera, you would be able to capture videos with utmost clarity of 1080P and 720p with the help of a 12 megapixel camera. This camera is definitely worth going for because it possesses a number of features which are specifically unique to it.


Sensors. With an enhanced sensor, this camera is capable of capturing even those slightest moments that may not be easily seen by the eye with a 1080p60 resolution, 960p100 videos for a soft slow motion playback.

Connectivity. With inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you would be able to easily connect and control your camera from other devices such as a smartphone with the help of a smartphone app.

Customization. The camera has a number of different modes that would enable you to easily edit or customize the quality of images you want. These include a night lapel modes and night photo modes which would allow you increase or reduce the level of exposure accordingly.

GoPro HERO + (Wi-Fi Enabled)

GoPro HERO Camera with an inbuilt touch display. The camera is capable of recording immersive yet stunning 1080p60 and 720p60 video with inherent video trimming abilities, a super view, Auto Low Light, HiLight Tag and Quick Capture Catches 8MP single, Time Lapse and Burst photographs up to 5 fps Fabricated In Wi-Fi + Bluetooth empowers network to the GoPro App or Smart Remote to alter modes and settings, control the camera remotely, and view and share your substance Solid + Waterproof to 131′ (40m), intended to withstand amazing situations and conditions.

Just like all the other sports cameras, the GoPro HERO camera is waterproof and therefore able to withstand any given weather conditions for much more longer periods of time.

AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera Ultra HD Waterproof DV Camcorder 12MP 170 Degree Wide Angle

<This one of the latest models of the available sports cameras presently in the market. With a 140 degree lens which also features a wide angle of HD recording. The camera supports a wide range of languages including French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

This therefore means that the camera can and would easily be used by individuals from different parts of the world speaking different languages with much more ease as compared to all the other cameras. With a micro SD storage space of up to 32GB, the camera is able to take as much images as need be depending on the camera MP put to use. These include 12MP, 8MP, 5MP and 2MP.

Just like each and every other camera, this HD sports camera has a number of photo taking options such as single shots, continuous shots as well as a self-timer of 5 and 10 seconds.


This is yet another camera that best suits and adapts to the sporting environment due to the number of features it possesses thereby helping you the best images of all time. In order to survive in the harsh outdoor conditions, the camera is designed in such a way that I would withstand each and every challenge passed on to it. Be it rainy or sunny seasons, the camera would be able to deliver the best images that meets the expectations of each and every individual.


Built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is aimed at providing the extra feel of control over our camera by remotely gaining full command over the camera. With the GoPro android app, one would be able to do each and every undertakings he or she desires remotely.

The quality of images captured by this camera is stunning and immersive 1080p60 and 720p60 video clips thereby giving you the most clear images and videos with utmost clarity.

The external parts of this camera is made of strong material and stainless steel which would help in ensuring that the camera is able to withstand the harsh external conditions of a particular environment for much longer periods of time.

GoPro HERO 4 Silver Edition 12MP Waterproof Sports & Action Camera Bundle with 2 Batteries

Catch your reality in an all-new manner with GoPro HERO4 Silver. Controlling the camera, confining shots and playing back images and video is pleasantly easy with a simple view as it only involves a tap and swipe on the screen. GoPro HERO4 Silver captures 1080p60 and 720p120 video with exact clarity, in addition to 12MP photographs with more than 30 different frames for every second.

New experience-improving elements include a HiLight Tag, which gives you the ability to check key minutes for simple playback, altering and sharing. A QuikCapture permits you to easily control the camera and begin recording with the touch of a button. Waterproof to 131′ (40m), HERO4 Silver consolidates flexibility and master quality catch with the accommodation of a touch screen. Inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, permits you to interact with the GoPro App, Smart Remote and that’s just the beginning.

HiLight Tag empowers you to stamp key minutes while recording so you can rapidly find your best clasps later for helpful playback, altering or sharing. QuikCapture mode transforms the Hero4 into a one-catch camera, permitting you to power on and begin recording consequently with the press of a solitary catch. Press once to record video, press and hold for two seconds to catch Time Lapse photograph.


It is very important that one puts to consideration the features of a certain camera before he or she actually decides to but one. This therefore means that he or she should critically examine all the HD video cameras available in the market for the year 2018.


Best video camera for youtube 2018-Buyer’s Guide
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