Best Sit On Top Kayaks

A sit on top kayak is a single piece, without a hollow shell for the rider to sit inside. The rider actually sits right on top of the boat. This type of kayak is lightweight and easy to maneuver, both in and out of the water.

Sit on top kayaks were derived from surfboards, and are meant for leisure as opposed to racing or adventuring uses. They can accommodate 1-4 users, depending on hull construction and desired use. These kayaks are popular with sportsmen and divers, who can use them to get to where they’re going with minimal effort. While not designed for long trips, they are effective and comfortable for short excursions.

The seat of a sit on top kayak is placed just above the water, so the rider is actually sitting higher than the waterline. This configuration allows the boat to stay afloat, but limits the stability of the craft. Because of that instability, this kind of kayak is generally wider than other forms of the boat, giving it more security to compensate for the off kilter weight.

Review the Best Sit-On Top Kayaks

Boats designed in this way aren’t watertight, contrary to popular belief. Their structure offers no ability to seal them completely because of the single piece design, so they are equipped with drain holes to allow water to escape. Kayakers using this kind of boat must be wary, because there is the potential for the boat to take on water and sink, especially given that there is no way to bail the water out.

Sit on top kayaks are a great choice for short excursions and are an affordable boat that have a proven record as a recreational standard.

The Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Kayak

The Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler is a well equipped and manageable boat for fisherman in all kinds of waters. This kayak was specifically designed for anglers and gives you the features that you need in order to make the most of their leisure time on the water.

This boat is loaded with extras like a high back seat, adjustable foot braces, a molded cup holder, rubber handles, rear deck storage and rubber handles. The high back seat is easily adjustable to allow the rider to find their most comfortable position and to change that position as needed.

It even affords the serious angler two front and two rear rod holders, freeing you from worrying about where your equipment is. The adjustable rod holder is a must for serious fisherman, and allows you to use all of the rod and reel combinations in your arsenal. A swivel locking ring lets you position your rod while still offering you the security of knowing that it’s not going anywhere.

Users do report that there are some tracking problems with this boat, but that they are easily resolved if kayakers put the rudder in the down position while paddling. The boat does come equipped with pilot rudder system, which allows the user to have complete control over the operation of the rudder without having to interrupt their motion.

The Riot Kayak Escape 12 Angler is overall a highly rated watercraft that offers its users comfort, versatility and the essential accommodations that are important to hardcore anglers.

Perception Sport Caster Angler Kayak

The Perception Sport Caster Angler Kayak was designed for fisherman with durability and versatility in mind. At 12.5 feet long, this single person boat is perfect for long days on the open water. With a sit on top design, this kayak is perfect for users who want an easy to use kind of kayak. Its lightweight and sturdy construction gives it an ease of use and grace of movement in the water.

This boat sits low in the water, so most users report that you need to be ready to get a little wet. That’s especially true for large framed kayakers. However the kayak is extremely water worthy and holds its own well, even in rough waters. It drains well and holds up even on long trips.

Features of this kayak include a multi-directional seat and adjustable foot braces. There is also the added feature of a storage compartment in the center of the boat. Additionally, there is plenty of opportunity to add extras to this boat, customizing it for your own particular taste and uses. Many owners use this boat as a base to create their dream fishing kayak.

This affordable boat is perfect for weekend fishing excursions on the water, and will hold its own even in ocean currents. Given it’s reasonable price point, it’s a competitive boat that allows fisherman to get out into deep water and enjoy the pleasures of angling. Whether out on the ocean or in a small river, the Perception Sport Caster Angler Kayak gives kayakers a great option.

Perception Tribe SOT Kayak

Measuring in at just 9.5 feet, the Perception Tribe is a perfect small kayak for recreational users. This boat is super lightweight, coming in at only 46 pounds. It’s a sit on top kayak with all of the ease of use that comes with this popular design. The affordability of this kayak is appealing, as it its wide variety of color options. In fact, the Tribe is available in seven color options, including multicolor designs.

The design of the Tribe gives boaters a low hull and wide base in order to increase stability while keeping the craft high in the water. This kayak is at home in easygoing rivers as well as in choppy ocean waves.

The seat is well padded and comfortable, with a high cushioned back and sculpted foam bottom. The foot placements are sturdy and allow you to add to your stability should you encounter rough waters. The paddle sits comfortably across your lap when resting. Built in handles mean that the boat is easy to carry, so you don’t have to worry about what will happen when your adventure takes you to land.  And there’s a bungee held storage space behind the rider, allowing you to store all of your gear.

Perfect for the minimalist kayaker who wants to just let it go and be one with the water, the Tribe is a basic design that keeps boaters as close to nature as possible. This boat is a great choice for both novice and serious kayakers, as the Tribe offers a balance between useful design and comfort.



Best Sit On Top Kayaks
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