Best leaf mulcher 2018- Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best leaf mulcher that is right for your yard, garden or composting needs is much easier today.  Many manufacturers are now in the marketplace and  users have shared their experiences.

Not all leaf mulchers are identical, and the actual operating mechanisms vary.  You will want to research which works best for your yard and garden or composting needs.

Reviewers may also mention other items, such as, additional electrical chord and safety glasses, you may need to successfully and safely accomplish your task with the mulcher.

For avid gardeners, a leaf mulcher is a great tool to recycle those piles of leaves in your backyard specially during autumn. Leaf mulcher are tools that shred leaves, twigs and other organic matter into very tiny pieces. The result is a mixture which you can use to help your garden plants thrive and flourish.

Mulch is very good for your soil. When it blankets the soil, it helps it retain moisture which is especially great when the weather becomes too warm or too cold. Mulch on top of your soil protects it from the elements and helps prevent soil erosion. Plus, it also helps prevent weeds from taking root.

Although you can buy mulch from your local garden supply shop, you can also easily create it on your own using the things that you would normally throw out. Creating mulch is effortless with a leaf mulcher. All you have to do is feed the machine and it will shred the the leaves, twigs and other organic matter that you fed into it, giving you a thick and rich mixture of mulch. And you also get to recycle, which is great for the environment.

A stand alone leaf mulcher is one of the best yard management tools you can own if you have a moderate sized yard with a few trees. Leaf mulchers process common yard wastes like fallen leaves, twigs and leaf clippings and turn them into useful and nutritious mulch that you can put back into your yard. It also significantly reduces the volume of your yard wastes from several bags to just 1 or 2.

There are several types of top leaf mulchers. There are electric powered ones and gas powered ones. There are light duty mulchers that you can easily transport, and then there are huge machines that can handle even thick tree branches. From leaf mulcher reviews, you’ll see how durable and how efficient these machines are in real world applications.

To help you in making a choice, here are some electric leaf mulcher reviews of the top leaf mulcher brands. From lightweight to heavy duty mulchers, you’ll find one that will suit your budget and other considerations.

How does a leaf mulcher save you money?

The first way it will save you money is by cutting down on the expense of having your lawn cleared for you. When you do this yourself without a leaf shredder, you still lose money in the form of lost time spent on money making activities.

You’ll also save money on buying mulch. This is because you’ll be making your own mulch with your shredder. The mulch will also help your plants to grow better, so you won’t be spending your hard earned money replacing dead plants.

An added money saving benefit will come in the form of less water used to help your plants grow. The reason for this is that your mulch will help your plants retain more water.

Leaf Shredder – Time Benefits

When you use a good leaf shredder, you will find that cleaning up your yard is much faster. You’ll no longer have to rake leaves up into big piles to be bagged. Time spent bagging or raking leaves to the street for pickup is completely eliminated.

What will you do with your extra hour each week? Learn a new language, spend time with your family, relax, the choice is really up to you.

Why buy a leaf shredder instead of a large wood chipper?

Large wood chippers are expensive and often unnecessary. People with massive lawns or large business properties probably should buy large wood chippers. However, for those of us with small to medium sized lawns and gardens, a leaf shredder is ideal.

Combine these with a leaf vacuum and you will find that cleaning up the lawn is a quick and easy process. If you’re unsure about leaf vacuums, you can always check out my leaf vacuum reviews for more information.

Another reason to go with this type of shredder is that it will take up less storage space and will require less energy to run. These machines are light weight and can be moved around your yard with ease.

Combine this with the fact that you can buy electric powered models and you have a winning combination. Reduce the cost of maintaining your yard today by buying a nice electric powered leaf shredder.

List of 10 best leaf mulcher and Shredder

 Flowtron LE-900 The Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder

This light weight machine has received a lot of raves from those who have tried it. We love that it’s easy to set up and simple to use. You can grab handfuls of leaves and grass clippings and just feed it to the machine. You can set it up to simply shred leaves to reduce the volume of yards wastes, or you can set it to mulch. There are settings that allow you to easily adjust the size of the shredded material from fine to coarse. You can place a bag underneath it or set in on top of a trash bin. If you have a few tress in your yard, this is a great product.

Reviews of this product also advices the use of eye, nose and ear protection to protect against the dust and the noise. If you have a fairly large yard, you will probably need a power extension cord. The product has limitations, too, in terms of what it can do. Yard wastes that are too tough for the string trimmer to cut should not be thrown in. This may include twigs, pine cones and branches.

WORX 13 Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher with 11:1 Mulch Ratio and Fold-down Compact Design – WG430

This machine is so easy to assemble, you won’t need a manual to put it together. It’s smart design allows you to easily change line and clean it after each use. It’s stable and can also be set up atop your trash bin. It’s pretty efficient; you can load leaves into it and it just appears to eat them all up. Creates a nice mulch.

But just like the Flowtron, it can create a considerable amount of dust and noise. Use appropriate protective gear when operating this device. Line life is also an issue with many users who complain that the strings wear out easily. FInally, it’s equipped only to handle leaves and grass clippings. Avoid throwing in twigs and pine cones.

Patriot Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

For those who are looking for a heavy duty mulcher that can handle more than just leaves and grass, this could be the machine for you. It’s easy to assemble out of the box. It can mulch leaves, twigs and even branches as long as they are fed at the right pace.  Wet yard wastes can clog the machine so make sure. Unclogging the machine is easy compared to other leaf mulchers, not that it stalls often.

The WORX WG430 13 amp Electric Leaf Shredder

The Worx WG430 is a great mulcher and shredder that uses flex line rather than blades. This means you don’t have the safety concerns that you might have with a metal blade leaf mulcher. Also, you’ll get the benefit of leaves that are completely shredded to very fine pieces.

When you use a shredder that cuts the leaves up you’ll find that you don’t have as much to bag and your mulch breaks down into plant fertilizer much quicker. The great thing about this shredder is that you’ll also be able to connect a bag to the system. This is great for people that plan on moving their mulch or getting rid of it altogether.

Flowtron LE-800 Leaf-Eater Electric Leaf Shredder

The Flowtron Le-800 has the same type of shredding system that the Flowtron. This means that you’ll get all the mulching benefits of the Worx with the Flowtron. The Flowtron LE-800 is also less expensive than the Worx.

I rate this lower however, because it does not have a bagging system in place. This means that you’ll end up having to pick up your leaf shreds after you are done shredding them.

Whether you buy the Worx or you buy the Flowtron, you’ll be sure to get finely shredded leaves and great garden mulch.

Best Leaf Mulcher -Buyer’s Guide

Thinking of buying best leaf mulchers? Before you head on to the store, it pays to do a little research on what you need and the options that you have. With so many brands and so many models, it is so easy to get swayed to buy more expensive models that contain 1,001 features that you don’t really need. Make sure you make a wise choice and that you spend within your budget when you know what your yard actually needs.

A leaf mulcher can and will make your life much easier. The ability to quickly throw freshly raked leaves into a leaf shredder is great for those that like to keep a neat and orderly yard.

Have you ever spent hours raking leaves down to your curb for the township to take them, only to find that they have blown all over the place before being picked up? When you have to waste another hour re-raking leaves that the wind has decided to move, you are really wasting part of your life away.

This time could be spent relaxing, spending time with friends and family members, or even catching up on some much needed sleep. When you decide to take back some of your time, go ahead and look at this leaf mulcher.

Another advantage of the leaf shredder is that it can help keep your garden looking nice. Many people will shred up their leaves and place it in their garden beds. An inch or so of shredded leaves can work wonders in protecting plants during the winter.

Mixing mulch into your garden will help aerate the soil and help the garden retain water. This leads to healthier plants and reduces the amount of watering you need to do. You’ll save money just by dumping mulched leaves on your flower beds.

Mulching is also very green. How many times have you seen people wasting plastic trash bags to throw away perfectly organic leaves. Not to mention all the energy that is burned transporting the leaves to a land fill.

Want to help save the environment? Buy a professional leaf mulcher and you will certainly be doing your part to reduce your carbon foot print.

Don’t just buy any leaf mulcher though. You’ll need to buy a leaf mulcher that runs off of electricity rather than a gas powered ones. There are many electric powered devices for mulching leaves and you’ll find that they run quieter than the gas powered ones.

Using these garden tools is safe. You just need to make sure you wear the appropriate eye protection to keep debris from getting into them. Also, you may want to think about wearing an inexpensive face mask to ensure that you do not breath in any unnecessary dust.

Buying a good leaf mulcher will save you money, increase the amount of free time you have to invest with friends and family, and help keep the earth safe. Go here and buy a leaf mulcher today.

There are several things that you need to consider when buying leaf mulchers. Use these considerations to help you compare and evaluate the merits of each unit:


There are several types of leaf mulchers that you can choose from to meet your specific needs. When deciding what type of leaf mulcher to buy, the main thing you consider is the size and type of garden that you have.


If you have a small to moderate sized yard or garden, a stand alone type of leaf mulcher will do. Gathering all the fallen leaves and twigs from your garden will still give you a good exercise but not break your back. But if you have a large yard or garden, manually gathering up all you raw material might take forever. A leaf vacuum and mulcher combo can help you save time.

The size of your yard will also determine whether you want to get a electric powered leaf mulcher or a gas powered one. The electric powered mulchers are cleaner and run quieter. However, you are limited in the distance that you can cover. With gas powered mulchers, you can cover bigger distances.

Yard or garden type

The kind of yard or garden that you have will also dictate whether it’s a good idea to get a leaf mulcher only or a combo power tool. There are lawn mowers that have mulching capabilities and this is great if your raw material is mostly grass cuttings from your lawn. Then there are leaf blowers / vacuum / mulcher combinations, too, which is great if you primarily use fallen leaves as your raw material.

Choose brands you can trust

Of course, the track record of the company is one of the things you have to look at. You want to choose brands that you can trust and models that have received positive feedback from satisfied and happy homeowners. Remember, nothing predicts good future performance than past good performance.

Factor in the cost of ownership

In today’s credit card consumerism, the cost of buying a regular leaf mulcher and one that is a lot more efficient is practically the same. And yet, over the long term, it is the more efficient unit that will save you money. Be sure to check out if the unit is gas powered or electricity powered and how much energy it really consumes. How durable is it? Stay away from units that cost more to maintain and that are reported to break down often.

Capacity and strength

Some yards only need to mulch leaves and twigs and is served well by lightweight leaf mulchers. However, there are yards, especially those with lots of trees, that may require heavy duty mulchers that can handle bigger branches. The greater the capacity, the more expensive it gets.


Expect your leaf mulcher to require maintenance in order to keep it in good running condition. If you need spare parts in the future, are these spare parts available and affordable? You definitely don’t want a leaf mulcher that’s known to break down often, but at the same time, when it does breakdown, you don’t want to be caught unaware by the cost to have it repaired.

Check the safety profile

Make sure the leaf mulcher you select is one that complies with safety standards. Getting feedback from other homeowners can clue you in on how safe specific lawn mulcher models are.

Check the blades

This is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your leaf mulcher. The quality of the blade will determine how efficiently your leaf mulcher will function. It is also one of the parts of the leaf mulcher that will require frequent maintenance in terms of sharpening and getting replacements over the life of the unit, so make sure you are fully satisfied with this aspect of your leaf mulcher.

The best leaf mulcher is a very handy and hardy tool. Use it properly and maintain it well so you get to use it for a longer period of time.

A leaf shredder will save you money each and every year. You can use this extra money for a night out with friends, a weekend getaway, or anything else you might want to invest it in.

While once exotic, leaf shredders have now become mainstream and online retailers are numerous, with reliable sales and delivery.  Find the make and model that best meet your needs and order with confidence.

Best leaf mulcher 2018- Buyer’s Guide
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