Best Hdmi Switches 2018-Buyer’s Guide

HDMI has quickly become the prevalent interface standard for connecting high-definition audiovisual equipment (such as HDTVs, DVD players, Blu-Ray players, cable set-top boxes, HD camcoders, etc.). With more devices becoming HDMI capable, you might find that your HDTV has fewer than the desired number of HDMI inputs. Best Hdmi Switches allows you to add three, four or even five more inputs to your home-theater setup and easily switch between the HDMI sources.

HDMI switches have become fairly inexpensive, as you can see I have shortlisted the top 10 Hdmi Switches for 2018 which you can buy right now., so you have no excuse for not getting one.

So, without further delay, let’s take a look at all the awesome Best Hdmi Switches 2018.

Duronic 3 Port Hdmi Auto Switch Box

Technology is evolving day in and day out. Almost daily, you will stumble upon some product that shall make you wonder how it can benefit you in your daily schedule. There is an abundance of new technological products these days. No doubt, they tend to make our life easier by adding to the luxurious way of living. The evolution of technology has been one big tale but what is more stupefying is the pace at which technology has progressed. Keeping with this upward growth of technology, we have yet another product designed to simplify your life.

This is a good hdmi switch as it gives support for 3 HDMI cables. Hence, this device is meant to have three input ports and a single output port. HDMI as we know refers to high definition multimedia interface. A lot of people have a lot of HDMI devices available but find it unable to connect all of them to a single port on to their high definition television or their laptop. With this device, this problem shall come to rest. This gadget gives you the convenience to switch between the three devices. You can connect all of them simultaneously or switch over between your choices of the three devices. This adds to the flexibility as you have a larger option at disposal.

The quality of the video is superb and has not been compromised with. The device supports full high definition 1080P and even higher resolutions. There is a provision for remote control as well which might not be required but adds to the available options as well. The device gives you the option to switch the connection manually or use the remote to make the changes. It is not necessary to use the power supply; however, an optional 5 v DC power supply has been arranged. The cables that have been provided are sufficiently long as there is provision for 25 m long cables at either side. The design is ultra compact as the box is small enough for portability. It however weighs around 499 gm inclusive of the packaging. In short, this should be a good product to invest in and especially so, if your wants are satisfied. If you are a technology freak with a fetish for new technological products, this should be a must buy product.

This product adds to your gaming and viewing experience. You can now enjoy a high definition movie and at the same time plug your Xbox in it as well. Easy switching from gaming to movie watching can be easily done. These are modern day products that help smoothen the need for multitasking. Connecting the cables once saves on the total time and the advantage of changing devices with the mere click of a remote adds to dynamic way of multitasking.

Products are best weighed with the help of reviews given by users themselves. Here, we shall give you the review details and then analyze the net worth of the product, whether it is worth buying or looks best in a package and is not worth spending money on it. In one of the negative review the user rubbishes the report claiming the performance to be unreliable and particularly disappointing performance when coupled with play station 3. The user claims that the video output suffers as the graphics are not up to the mark. The cables tend to get loose and require a lot of re connection and the device needs to be unplugged often. The user has been thoroughly dissatisfied and rubbishes the entire product. This review really makes you wonder, if the product is worth buying at all as the entire use of the product makes no sense, if the cables tend to get loose and there are performance drop outs.

Talking of a positive review, a user seems to be extremely happy as he says it to be a “fantastic buy”. He is thoroughly pleased with the performance level as he finds it easy to use as the switching is automatic and the set up has been termed as easy and efficient. A lot of devices can be connected easily. No doubt, the product seems to have a lot of good features and two users have entirely two different opinions about the same gadget. It could be that the user with the negative review got a bad product as no user would rate a product highly, if he has not got the right performance output. Thus, it should be a good buy, however, there are other similar gadgets as well and it would be worth comparing it with similar product with similar features. There is no harm exploring it a bit more as it could have some trick up its sleeves. So, cross check once before buying. It should be a good gadget to have provided you get the right one, so, this one has its own share of doubts.

Duronic HDS3 Mini 3 Port Gold HDMI Auto Switch

The power of technological advancement is for all of us to see. Technology has grown at an alarming rate in the previous few years. The development has been substantial. There has been a flurry of new technological inventions of late. Few have proved to be failures while the rest have been accepted by the customers with a welcome heart. What sets one similar product apart from the other is obviously the difference in quality of the two. People tend to opt for that product which gives them the true value of their money. It is this competition which is forcing technologists and scientists to engage in making of better products.

Among such new inventions and modern technological products, we have 3 Port HDMI full HD 1080P V 1.3 Switch Splitter. This product has three input ports for connecting to different multimedia interfaces which could then be streamed to the single port available on high definition television sets, monitors, laptops or other compatible devices. The device has support for auto switching that is it can easily switch between the three external devices by itself with the help of intelligence switching or there is also the provision for manual control with the help of the select button if you so desire. There has been no compromise in the quality of video as the clarity remains praise worthy. The device maintains high resolution as it has support for 1080p. Along with this, this product also supports 1440p graphics and resolutions of the order 1920 x 1200. There is no compressing of audio or video frames as the product supports zero loss of frames. The device gives a great performance level of up to 2.5 Gbps. There is no need for extra power supply as the device gets powered via the HDMI cables itself. The device has been certified to perform in accordance with standards set by HDMI, which is the latest standard for efficient transmission of audio and video frames.

Having said about the technical details of the product, it is worth mentioning that the product is extremely portable and light weight as the boxed product along with the packaging weighs an unbelievable 41gm. The product description seems to show the item in extremely good light as all the features are commendable and the item seems to be the product to buy. However, with such technological products, one should not rush things. Before jumping to any hasty conclusion, it is advised that we first go through user reviews and then come to a right analysis whether or not the product meets the standard it claims.

Talking of reviews, we shall judge the product with the help of a few reviews, both critical and positive. Dealing with positive reviews first, the user is thoroughly satisfied with the product as he says that this product is an “excellent HDMI splitter”. He says that the switching facility is too good as the device smoothly changes controls between the different multimedia interfaces used. The device elucidates all its claims and proves to be genuinely worth buying. There are similar products which provide similar features however; the user finds this one particularly appealing. Another user says that this product “does what it says on the box”. He doesn’t finds any problem like signal dropouts. It also works with his sky box and Bluray player. He says that he has been thoroughly satisfied with his purchase. Another user says that the product “works fine” despite his second doubts before purchasing the product regarding signal dropouts. However, the product worked absolutely perfectly for him.

Coming to the critical review, the user claims that the product is average as it “works okay sometimes”. This user is not awed by the product excellence because he says that although the product delivers top notch quality when connected with play station 3 and apple television set, the product fails to be compatible with the sky box set which proves to be a total let down as with a product item like this, such an outright disadvantage could not be permitted.

Overall, the reviews seem to be fairly positive as most of the people have praised the performance level claiming that the product does what it claims. Thus, if your need requires you coordinating multiple devices together, investing in this product should be a good option. But, if you are a user of sky box, you have every reason to be cautious, check out other alternatives as well because there is no point purchasing a product which might not offer you the full possibility of great performance. If sky box is not among your top priority, there is no reason you should not be buying the product. This seems to be a good product to invest in. It is another technological product that gives you the scope to experiment, plug and play, and change from gaming to viewing and vice versa. There are a lot of extra options as it can add a new level of dynamic approach altogether. It sounds to be an exciting product and especially so for the technology freaks who die to possess every other gadget they hear of. The advantage and features list of this product is so enormous that even if you are not one of the most tech savvy person, this could still be a good deal.

Duronic HDS3 Mini 3 Port Gold HDMI Auto Switch PIANO BLACK 3×1

Technology is driving people crazy. A lot of people crave for new gadgets. It has become a growing rage among people to flaunt their collection of the latest gadgets. This feeling is more prominent among the teenagers and youth as they are easily taken by the charm of the technology wonder. A lot of new gadgets are launched day in and day out. Some of them become instantly successful while others get lost in the unending list of new products. A product needs to be truly good in order to be successful enough to stay in the market.

Speaking of one such technology marvel, we have Proxima 3 Port HDMI Auto Switch Hub 3 x 1 Mini HDMI Splitter/ Switcher Hub. It is an amazing product if you have a requirement of plugging in multiple multimedia interfaces on to the single port of your high definition television set or the laptops or high definition camcorders. This device helps in giving you the flexibility while operating your system as a user can easily switch among the three multimedia interfaces as per needs and demands. The video quality has not been compromised as this gadget provides full support for videos in high definition. It supports videos in multiple resolutions up to 1080p. Even the audio facilities are superb as there is no loss of frames and the picture quality too retain its charm as the pictures are sharp and every minute detail can be accessed courtesy the great resolution support. It supports 12 bit deep color which is responsible for the crystal clear imagery. Not only this, the device is also free from the hassles of charging as no extra power adapter is required. The device could be simply plugged in and played.

Apart from all these great technical features, which this gadget provides, it is also portable as it weighs a modest 45 gm with dimensions in the range of 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 1.5 cm. No doubt, such small size facilitates easy carrying of the product and is a definite advantage. The product comes with the assurance of refund if the auto switch feature fails to work the auto switch feature means that the device is capable of switching to the latest power on the device.

It is an extremely beneficial feature as it helps you avoid the hassles associated with manually changing the controls. The technical details and other product specification seem to show the product in good light; however, merely judging the product on these terms is not a good thing. The best way to categorize a product and list whether or not the product is worth your money is by studying the reviews which have been put by various users. Reviews depict the true nature of the product as they help you conclude to a right decision. Hence, we shall discuss a few reviews, both positive and negative following which we shall analyze whether or not the product gives you the right value for your money.

First talking of negative review, we have a user who has been thoroughly dissatisfied with this gadget claiming it to be “worse than useless”. He goes on to say that this is one of the most frustrating products he has ever come across. He says that the product works fine only for one third times and the rest of the times, it fails to deliver the true performance as it requires having the Xbox switched on while viewing the television. If the Xbox goes to sleep mode as it is not in use, the problem recurs and the Xbox needs to be in active mode for right connection to be established. Not only this, the user even complains of the switching between three multimedia interfaces to be problematic as he had to manually do it to get a proper display or restart the system to fix the bug. Either of the two options is definitely frustrating. Though, the user says at the end that he might have been delivered a faulty device yet the warning bells have been given.

Coming to the positive review, a user claims it to be a “great little device” as his work of operating more than a single multimedia interface along with his television set has been satisfied. He is also satisfied with the switching facilities and remarks there are no more hassles of swapping cables. Thus, the problems which the user with a negative review faced, seems to be eliminated with this user. Another user who has submitted a positive review for the product says that this gadget “does what it should do”.

He says that the device delivers it true promise and can conveniently switch back to the input source which was the latest to be plugged in. another user claims that the auto sensing feature is absolutely perfect as the device smoothly switches intelligently from one device to another. Thus, to come to a conclusion, we can say that the product seems to be a good one but only if you are lucky enough to get the right one. No doubt, buying this product would be a gamble. It may be technically sound but the chances of getting a faulty product could ruin your purpose. So, wish yourself all the good luck before purchasing this technically sound gadget. Thus, this product has its share of hiccups.

Cablesson Basic 3 x 1 HDMI switch

Technology has been advancing at a rapid rate. A lot of people work day in and day out in their bid to find the latest inventions, latest products; products which become the next best thing to happen. In their craze for such technology breakthroughs they develop a lot of products, some of which are extremely useful while some are totally rubbish. No doubt, some products fail while others are accepted by a lot of customers and soon have a flourishing market.

People are so busy with their lives these days that a need to multitask is seen. Keeping in mind, this need for speed, technologists are developing products on these lines. A similar product is 3 Port HDMI Auto Switch Box with Remote. It is marketed by Neet and is a 3 input – 1 output port device. This device provides three input ports for connecting different high definition multimedia interface devices. These three devices could then be connected to the single port on your television set, monitor, laptop or other compatible devices. The gadget is very handy if your requirement wants you to switch between multiple devices.

Coming to the technological details of the products, this gadget supports the auto switching feature. The auto switching feature means that the device can easily switch between the three external devices on its own and does not require any manual assistance. There has been no compromise with the video quality as this product supports high definition video with zero compression and zero loss of frames. The clarity of still pictures and images is of top notch quality as the supported resolution is high and is of the order 1920 x 1200.

Thus, as far as the quality of motion video and picture is concerned, the device is superb. Also, the quality of supported audio is commendable. Although, the device has an auto switching feature, it has an extra remote control provided. The remote comes in handy for switching between two or more recording devices. The remote gives you the extra bit of manual flexibility. It could be self powered using HDMI; however, there is the option for charging as there is a 5 v DC power option available. The device supports 25 m long cable on either extreme.

Apart from these technological specifications, the product is extremely portable as the packaged product weighs a modest 150 gm. The device also has an amazing compatibility guarantee. Compatibility guarantee ensures that this piece of technology brilliance is compatible with a lot of devices. However, in the rare case that the device fails to be compatible with your appliance, there is a money refund system in place.

This is a very beneficial feature as it gives you a back up just in case the rare event occurs. So far, the product seems to be refreshingly good as it is full of great technical features and also has an awesome compact design. However, to truly assess a product, we should consider a few user reviews. User reviews give the true picture of the merit and the problem of the product. As the users have been using the product and then pass a review on the item, they best judge the product’s performance.

A critical review on the product claims that although the device delivers its promise yet it has its fair share of glitches as well as he claims that the picture display has “annoying spots”. The device led to little green spots on the display unit and especially so in the darker side of the projected images. The dots continue to persist even after change of HDMI cables and are obviously harassing. The problem is not with the monitor but with this gadget as there arte no sots when the monitor is run without connecting this gadget. Thus, this could be a very disturbing problem for users who wish to purchase the product.

Coming to a positive review, the user claims it to be a “great kit” as he has been able to smoothly use his play station 3, sky high definition and DVD. All of them have worked easily and he could easily switch between the three of them as per his desire and will. He praises the product a lot and recommends it as well. The product has given him the right level of performance as he had expected and proved to be a great buy for him. He obviously didn’t suffer the green dots unlike the critical review user. Another user has been awed by the product’s performance. He even complements the portable size of the product as it is extremely small and compact. The user is thoroughly satisfied with the performance level and gives it 5 /5. No doubt, scoring full on the scale represents something.

Thus, it seems that the device should be a great product to buy only if you could be surer of the display problem as if you too get the green dots, the gadget could turn out to be useless, because there is no point watching a high definition video with green dots marked all over. It would be worthwhile considering other similar products and checking your options. If you are still adamant on buying this, try and read more reviews and find out if this display problem has been reported by a lot of people. If so be the case, then do not opt for this product. If not, purchasing this item could be a good option.

ViewHD Prosumer HDMI

In this present generation, you find more and more people who are attracted by the modern technology. Technology is an evolving science. There is no space for static growth in technology as a lot of engineers and scientists are working round the clock to ensure that there is a constant streaming of new gadgets. Technology is driving a lot of people crazy and keeping with this passion for new technologically advanced products, we shall describe the details of Duronic HDS3 Mini 3 Port Gold HDMI Auto Switch Piano Black which is a three input – one output gadget. This device helps connect up to three multimedia devices on to the single port available on your laptop, Xbox, camcorders or other high definition compatible devices.

The device has full support for great video quality as there is no loss of frames. It supports 12 bit full color and full 1080P. Not just the video, even the still graphics are extremely vivid and capture the minute detail in high clarity as the supported resolution is of the order 1920 x 1200. Apart from this great high definition quality, the device also supports automatic switching as there is no need for extra remote control. It supports intelligent functioning as out of the three multimedia interfaces, any one could be selected on the basis of intelligence reasoning like whichever channel has been last plugged. One of the big advantages of this technology wonder is the fact that it has extended support for 3D. The graphics can come to life using this product. There is 25 m long cable on either extreme.

The device has support for self powering with the help of HDMI. The device is extremely portable as it weighs a meager 27 gm with dimension of the range 5.2 x 5.1 x 5.4 cm. the boxed product along with the packaging weighs 118gm. This device is extremely handy and convenient to use. However, to best analyze a product, there is no better way than to check the reviews that are posted by users who have purchased the product and used it themselves. These reviews give a true picture of the product- its uses, the positives and the shortcomings. Based on this analytical description, one can come to the right conclusion, whether or not we should purchase this product.

We shall here discuss two reviews, one positive and the other negative. First coming to the negative review, this device has been critically reviewed by a user as he claims that although the product works fine but is not compatible with sky and high definition. The user states that despite following the troubleshooting instructions, he found that the sky and HD featured worked only if the Xbox is powered on. Obviously, that doesn’t help the situation a lot as switching on an Xbox for availing the compatibility with sky and HD will lead to an unnecessary wastage of both money and energy.

The user than later in the review assumes that the problem seems to be the power supply as the picture quality is awesome once the Xbox is plugged in, so he concludes that the HD box fails to power up the device while the Xbox succeeds. This review has been found useful by a lot of people hence it might be a true depiction of the product’s right assessment.

Coming to positive reviews, a lot of people seem satisfied with the product’s performance as the user claims that the product “exceeded expectations”. The user seems to be thoroughly satisfied with this gadget of his. He says that there are no problems of signal degradation whatsoever which could be a cause of concern for such devices.

Further, he goes on to claim that the device is really portable and extremely light weight and has an extremely commendable auto switch functioning. Over all, the user finds the product to be commendable and has praised the brand to the hilt as he thinks it gives you the right value for your money. Weighing both the reviews, one can say that the product should turn out to be a good one as even the critical review does not portrays the product in an extremely wrong light. Further, his claim towards the end of his reviews that the problem might be due to erratic power supply only adds to the doubt of the disadvantage of the product.

The product might be one of the best options as even the negative review assures you of quality video. This should be the product to buy if you are a staunch lover of technology. The designing of the product is also commendable. There seems to be no reason for you to neglect this product. If you have the requirement of connecting multiple high definition devices on to your gadget, it is wise to invest in this product and end all your woes regarding the multi tasking of different multimedia interfaces.

5 x 1 HDMI Switch

The marvels of technology are for all to see. The rate of development of technology is so alarming that almost daily a new product is launched. Technology is one field which is advancing daily and every new product that is launched today becomes old in a few days time. There are a lot of gadgets that come into the market. Some become successful while others fail. Common sense says that whatever new product is launched, you must wait for the review, then you should make the decision whether to purchase or not, because there is no point purchasing a product which offers no good advantage.

Speaking of modern technological inventions, we have 3 Port HDMI Auto Switch 3 x 1 Mini Hub Boxes. Marketed by Neet, it is supposedly a great product. However, the true picture would only be clear after we have analyzed the product description and related details. This product has three input ports which facilitates connecting three high definition multimedia interface devices. These multiple devices could then be joined to the single port in the high definition television set, laptops, high definition camcorders, Xbox, play station and other devices. The flexibility this gadget adds to your movie viewing and gaming experience is immense.

The video quality is superb as there is no loss in video quality. It supports 1080P high definition and there is no compression of the video. The resolution is amazing and so is the sound quality, as there is zero loss of frame rates. The product does not require any adapter or charger as it is powered using the HDMI cable itself. The device is portable enough to facilitate easy carrying. It does not have a remote control system which is a welcome feature because the different multimedia devices can easily be switched from one to another automatically on the basis of the last interface in use or the source that is in use. It supports cables that are 25 m long on each side.

The product seems to be a good buy as a lot of features are provided. The product weighs 118 gm along with the packaging. It supports a lot of other appliances and promises to connect to almost all HDMI enabled television. One of the best parts of this product is the fact that it comes with a stunning compatibility guarantee. With compatibility guarantee, it means that the device claims that it supports most of the devices; however, if in case of an unlikely event, your gaming or other device is not compatible with the kit, there is a return policy for the same. The product also has a return policy in case of user dissatisfaction; however, there are certain terms and conditions that accompany this guarantee.

To judge the right benefit of the product, there is no better way than to compare user reviews. User reviews shed light on the product’s performance and gives you a justified and analyzed base for making your decision whether to buy the product or wait for something better.

Talking of a good review, the user claims that the product “works great”, he is thoroughly satisfied with the performance and has even compared it with other similar product and proved how this gadget overpowers the other one. He has given a nice thorough description of the product and the review says that this is a fabulous product which should be purchased if your needs suit it. Another review which a lot of people found helpful claims that the product “works fine”. He has also mentioned that there were no drop outs in video quality and hence the gadget does justice to its claim as it delivers cent percent performance.

However, no product comes with all the positive reviews. There are users who find some kind of problem with all stuffs. Speaking of negative reviews, a user has given a critical review which is not entirely bad as he claims that the product is not extraordinary, there are similar products which provide you similar features, and hence there is nothing out of the world about it. It has its own shortcomings as well as the user complains that the automatic feature doesn’t work all the time and the user specifically complained of the coordination of automatic control when the device is synced with media player. However, manually the problem could be sorted. Thus, the user believes the product is nice but not great as there are issues which could be fixed.

On a whole, the product seems to be worth buying. There might be some trivial issues, but those must be manageable as no big complain seem to be present. It should be a good gadget to invest especially so if you are crazy for technology. It can help you quench your thirst for multi switching between different multimedia devices. It should give you the required flexibility and the compatibility guarantee only cements the reason for your investing in the product. If you were in doubt whether to buy it or not, buying should be a good option as the positives of the product outweighs the negatives.

AVENK 3 Port 3×1 HDMI Switch Box 4K x 2K 30Hz Support HDCP 3D 1080P

For the tech savvy generation, technology has almost everyday something new to offer. For all the technological geeks out there, eSecure 3 port HDMI intelligent AUTO switch hub could be the product to watch out for. Its main purpose is to help you connect up to 3 HDMI devices on to the single port on the HDTV or the monitor. Before proceeding further, it is necessary to explain what exactly an HDMI is. The acronym HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Its main purpose is to transmit data in uncompressed form. It is basically a wire or a cable that carries information.

The high definition television sets or the monitors have a port which helps it to connect to other multimedia devices. With the help of this product, you can connect up to three devices on to the single port. It supports great graphics and hence the resolution quality is not compromised and the output video is extremely clear as it supports 1080p full high definition. This device is compatible with a lot of electronic gadgets such as play station3, Xbox, sky high definition, blue ray, high definition camcorder, laptops, etc.

The audio quality is awesome as it has support for DTS, Dolby 7.1 channel audio and there is no issue with performance as it gives high performance up to 2.5 Gbps. There is no need for any downsizing or compression and thus there has been no compromise in the video quality. Even the resolution supported is entirely fabulous as the device supports resolution of the order of 1920 x 1200.

Thus, all in all; this product seems to be a marvel of the modern technology. It is light in weight as it weighs a modest 45 gm (though if you take it along with the full packaging, the scale marks a decent 100 gm) with dimensions of the range 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 1.5 cm. No doubt, the device is extremely portable and light to carry. It has multiple uses and is also compatible with almost all leading technology products. If you were having trouble connecting multiple HDMI devices on to your Xbox or laptop or play station as the case may be, this is surely the right thing to grab.

Another major advantage of this technology wonder is the fact that it requires no extra adapter; hence it does not come with the extra hassles of carrying chargers, adapters and a lot of cords along with it. All you need is simply to plug the device and enjoy the game. As it has support for up to 3 HDMI players, one can easily switch between these three or plug them together as per need. This adds to the dynamic flexibility and greatly increases your available options.

The products can be best analyzed by user reviews. People who have invested in this product have uploaded their reviews which can be taken as a guidance strategy. Here, we shall list two reviews, one positive and another negative and then help you analyze which review is more apt and then come to a unanimous decision regarding the utility of the product.

One of the negative reviews claims that the product is entirely useless as even though there is space for three HDMI devices, the link for neither of them stabilizes, thus he called this product as total “waste of money”. He goes on to say that if he hadn’t destroyed the packaging, he would have returned the product. This is an entirely negative review with nothing much specified about the negativities of the product. The only complain being that about stabilizing of the link. In short, this could not be deemed as a good review.

Speaking of the good review, the product has been praised to the hilt. The review explains in details the various different devices that have been attached top the slots and how they work together efficiently or even keeping one port intact and disabling other. It has all the elements of a good review as the user has divulged all the necessary details as to how he could easily watch a movie in high definition and then plug into his Xbox and get cozy with the gaming thrill. The user is extremely satisfied with the product quality and speaks highly of this marvel. He has no issues whatsoever with the product quality and is extremely happy with his investment in the product.

Thus, weighing the two reviews, one can conclude that it might be sheer bad luck that the user with negative review got a faulty product or is not technically sound to know the connection of various ports. This should be a good product to use as it shall simplify a lot of problems especially those regarding managing various plug-in devices and the output video quality. As a whole, this product is recommended.

I hope all of these Hdmi Switches are good enough to make it to our list of the top 10 Best Hdmi Switches 2018


Best Hdmi Switches 2018-Buyer’s Guide
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