Best Electric Range 2018-Buyer’s Guide

Today, you can find three different types of ranges for your market. Manufacturers have divided them according to their function, such as gas, dual-fuel, and electric. Experts from say that the electric ones can cook more as compared to their gas-controlled alternatives. Plus, electric ranges are also more capable of keeping a low heat for consistency.

The primary advantage is their efficiency which makes them the perfect choice when you move where you have access to electric power supply.

They are the ideal choice in the shop where you need to heat up food or boil water. Some people are frightened of using gas and igniting a gas range with a naked flame or even an electronic ignition spark. Furthermore, they are not very comfortable having gas in the vicinity of a pilot lamp. An electric range is the perfect solution for people with apprehensions about using gas.

Our editors who have tested over a hundred ranges. During their testing processes, they boil water, bake cakes, simmer sauces, broil burgers, and melt chocolate. In fact, you name whatever it is that people usually do with ranges, and they have most likely tested it. For their reviews to be credible, they have to make sure that the advice and tips they provide stick.

At the end of each test, each electric range and cooker gets a letter grade. Along with this grade is a summary of the range’s strong and weak points. This would be the ranges’ evaluation period. The evaluation is very strict, too. Many models were tested in 2018, and only a few were released to the market.

That is why We have created a list of best electric ranges for the year 2017 and 2018

Our top 10 Best electric range for 2017 and 2018

Electrolux EI30EF45QS

This electric kitchen range has 3 dual expandable elements that can hold several pan sizes thereby allowing you to maximize heat usage. The smooth top is easy to clean using a special formula. What I like most about this model is its large size with a convenient baking space and a warming drawer for keeping your dishes warm before serving.

This affordable electric range can be used for boiling, baking, convection baking, roasting, etc. The only downside with this model is that it requires immediate and consistent cleaning to avoid grime build up.

Frigidaire FFEF3043LS

This is a well rounded electric range brand that features all the baking functions you may need that boasts of a large bottom storage drawer. Unlike other models, Frigidaire FFEF3043LS has no convection which helps in bringing the price down. It’s also user-friendly thanks to the easy touch controls and the digital display.

Has an oven window that allows you to check on the food without sacrificing heat escape that comes with opening the door.

The only downside is that the cooktop requires regular cleaning and also, the oven preheat beep is not loud enough.


This 5.6 cu ft. the blue interior oven can hold almost anything. Its 2 full-width racks can fit in 7 different positions. This is by far the most oven spacing flexibility I have seen so far. Its cooktop features a warming zone plus 5 radiant elements that heat your pans quickly. Also has a storage drawer just like many of the above models.

The console panel is very user-friendly even for noobies. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have the hot surface indicator.

Bosch HEI8054U 800

A very attractive and sleek deep fryer from Bosch. Features 2 oven racks and six positions that allows you to fit most of the pan sizes and maximize heat usage.

This electric induction range cooker has got a powerful heating element making it very efficient in power consumption. Very easy to handle and operate thanks to the simple console panel.

Another important feature is the push to turn knobs making it safe for houses with small kids. I hope you liked our list of best electric ranges and able to decided which on is better for you.

Best electric range-Buyer’s Guide

Most important factor in choosing which particular range to buy is its reliability. Its cost and frequency of use will only have to come second. True enough, ranges that were purchased because of their reliability tended to stay longer in use as compared to others. It would seem that the reviews did help. The advice and feedback you could get from previous users can tell you whether or not a certain electric range is worth buying.

Your selection of an electric range must be need-based. For example, if you are buying it to use on shop or restaurant, your needs would be different to that of a student or a single person intending to use the range for regular cooking. Then again some buyers might need the range more for heating than cooking which will entirely alter the specifications. There are easily more than 20 models of Electric range in the market. You need to identify your needs in order to narrow down the right set of mobile electric ranges to choose from. However, here are some points which will help in your selection.

What is a electric range?

An electric range is known by many other names such as an electrical range, cooktop range, and an electric range top. Whatever you prefer to call it, an electric range is a unit designed for cooking. It might have one or more burners or heating surfaces with heating coils as a heat source.

The best electric range has been engineered with heating coil elements that will apply direct heat to the cookware. More modern types have smooth surfaces that have radiant heating units underneath the surface. According to electric range reviews, many also prefer using electric ranges that have the smooth surfaces on them.

An electric range is a compact unit. An electric range will have an oven integrated with it. It will typically be confined to heating surfaces no more than two in number. Electric ranges are designed for fast cooking and are ideal for use in big kitchens which can accommodate a full-sized electric range.

They look more attractive and are much easier to clean. Electric coils, on the other hand, will require a lot more chemicals, such as baking soda, so that you can get the black grime off. This is why the number of these smooth-tops has doubled over a relatively short period.

Today, the majority of the ranges that are being built are approximately 30 inches wide. Electric range reviews still say that there are still ones that are only 24 inches wide out there, but you will have to exert extra effort in finding them

Furthermore, the most common colors of electric range nowadays are black and white. It is a good thing that some electric range brand decided to spice things up with a good electric range that is made of stainless steel.

Some of the newer models have a hotplate without openings which makes cleaning easier. Electric ranges have a warning light to indicate that it is on. In some models, the light becomes red confirming that the surface has heated sufficiently enough to use.

What are the general features?

A typical electric range would have one or two burners, the latter, of course, is larger. In a two-burner range, each burner would have a different power rating from 500 to 1300 watts with 1000 watts being most popular. Each burner would have 4 temperature settings. The range is designed to occupy minimal space and for easy cleaning.

What are the disadvantages?

Unlike gas ranges, mobile electric ranges take a while to heat up which makes it a bit annoying if you just want to boil some water or are in a hurry to heat up some food. Similarly, the heating surface takes time to cool which means you can burn yourself if you touch the surface inadvertently after it is switched off.

Another disadvantage is that cooking on some burners can be difficult because of imprecise temperatures. You cannot set it to a precise temperature like adjusting the flame on a gas range. You might have to juggle by switching on and off the burner to get the desired results, or you might have to take the pan off when it gets too hot. If the coils are not concealed, cleaning them, especially below the coils can be a bit of a bother. But one of the main disadvantages is that electric ranges are significantly less energy efficient than gas ranges. The efficiency level could be as low as 50%.

Portability and size

These are two critical elements if your electric range. Obviously, space and weight would be of prime consideration, and you should be looking for a lightweight more compact range. Again, when coking/baking it would be most likely that you’ll be using large pots so the size of the burner or hotplate will not be critical.

But what you do need is an efficient unit which heats quickly and cools fast if you need to pack it away in a hurry. If however, you are buying it as a kitchen range then you will have more flexibility depending on the space available. Here a larger burner would be of advantage as you could well cook on larger pots.

Will you be cooking or heating?

Some electric ranges are designed for heating and are impractical for cooking as they take too long to heat up. If you plan to use it as a kitchen range make sure you select a model which is suitable for cooking with a range of temperature settings.

How easy is it to clean?

This is an important factor in determining your choice. If the coils are open, they become more difficult to clean though open coils are more efficient. Ensure you check this point when you are making your decision. Self-cleaning capabilities is another important thing. Use of tapioca, tomato puree, egg mixture, cheese, cherry pie filling, and lard usually leave hard-to-clean stains on your ranges, so check how easy it’s to clean.

Power of the heating element

Electric ranges are available with capacities ranging from 500 watts to 1300 watts with 1000 watts being the most common option. With a higher power rating, you get a higher temperature which speeds up cooking time. Don’t buy a range at the lower end of the power scale unless you want it only for heating.

Temperature increments

The number of temperature settings is important. The more the temperature settings, the better you can adjust the range to your heat requirement. Also, do choose a range with a warning light to indicate that the power is on.


Some electric ranges are made of die-cast metal bodies which makes them more rugged and durable, a desirable feature if they are required to be used when camping or traveling. Other ranges are made with a cast iron body in a stainless steel finish which is rust-free especially in humid climates.

Where do you buy a electric range?

Where to buy an electric range is an often asked question. You will be able to access a variety of choices at stores which stock electrical appliances or in the appliance section of supermarkets. Another good place to buy electric range is online. In fact, you could try Amazon where there is electric range. You can read through the electric range reviews by buyers before choosing the suitable range for your needs.

Best Electric Range 2018-Buyer’s Guide
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