Best double stroller for infant and toddler in 2018

Don’t you just wish there’s a way to see the Best double stroller for infant and toddler in the market without spending so much time looking?

Having a couple of small kids that are close in age can make for some fun and crazy times at home. Its also a recipe for insane outings. Imagine taking an infant and a toddler to the grocery. Or just to the park. How can your two hands handle both of them?

That’s exactly why double strollers were invented.

Unfortunately, a good double stroller that fits all you and your children’s needs is like a unicorn. Its just so hard to find. You’d find yourself spending hours looking at shops or browsing online for reviews. It can get frustrating. And at the end of the day, and after making a purchase, you might still be stuck with something that falls way below your expectations.

That is why we got this list together. So you wont have to waste your time looking around. Its based on our actual double stroller reviews, taking into account maneuverability and ease of use, safety, comfort and bang for your buck.

The double stroller reviews would give you a guide to purchasing stroller with the most features that will be suitable and ensure safe and comfortable ride for your babies. The following takes you through some of the best double stroller for infant and toddler in 2017 and 2018.

Having babies is like a gift, and having twins is just like dream come true for those who love the company of kids. The thing that the parents of twin kids need desperately is a double stroller that helps them to enjoy the walk with both the kids. Reading the double stroller reviews can help a lot if you are looking forward to buy a new stroller for your baby, or want to present a perfect gift to the new parents. Here is a short list of the some of the Best double stroller for infant and toddler available in the market.

Here’s our picks for the 10 affordable  double strollers for the year 2017 and 2018, to help you get the most value for your budget:

So without further ado, here’s our list of the Best double stroller for infant and toddler.

Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller

If you are looking forward for a double stroller for infant and toddler that is strong, lightweight and easy to operate, then the Delta Children Stroller would be a perfect choice for you. The things that make the stroller better and unique than the other options available in the market are: design, durability and ease of operation.

Apart from these, the other features of the stroller include suspension system to make the ride comfortable for both the kids; canopy to keep them safe from harsh weather, and UV rays; Cargo Basket to keep the essential things while you are away from home.

It is easy two-step fold double stroller with seats that you can easily recline or adjust the canopies to multi-positions. Your babies will enjoy comfortable ride due to the suspension system, and the padded harnesses with fasteners secure your children and allows you to zip through congested areas. The three wheeled designed stroller has a swiveling front wheel making your giving your maneuvers around the corners easy. The front wheel can be locked in place to increase stability if you are going through rough terrains or out jogging.

  • Storage in the back of the seat
  • Adjustable front wheel tracking
  • Easy to fold
  • Seat storage pockets
  • No cup holder.
  • No Automatic lock

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller with 2nd Seat

The most annoying thing about most of the double strollers is that they are too wide to handle. If you are ignoring the double stroller for only this reason, then it is advised that you should once consider the Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat. The uniquely designs seats for the kids make it different from the several other double strollers available in the market. Additionally, the placement of seats makes the stroller easier to handle than most of the other strollers. Apart from the design, the stroller is famous for the hand-held parking breaks, and adjustable handle. These two features provide parents better control over the stroller, which is essential for safety of kids.

It features a one-step, quick fold technology. The narrow and nimble designed stroller allows you to easily maneuver your way in crowded or narrow spaces. You can easily adjust the height through the telescoping handlebar and making braking system, hand operated, within reach. The seats offers your children comfort and multiple recline positions. The canopy, which can adjusted for multiple positions and head heights, shades your kids during sunny days more so it has a peek -a-boo window which you can easily cover.

  • It rides smooth
  •  It handles nicely and looks great
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use
  • The seats are pretty close to each other

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

Another best compact double stroller that is convenient for the kids as well as their parents is the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller. The stroller is manufactured by one of the best brands for the kids’ accessories, and has all the features and facilities that a top-notch stroller must possess. The stroller can handle two kids of 40 pounds each and high quality material has been used to build each part of the stroller. So, if you are looking forward for a perfect double stroller for your kids, then look no further than the Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller.

It offers comfortable adventures to your kids. Both kids enjoy the road view as it features a stadium-style seating, the child at the back has the seat slightly raised. You can recline both seats and more so rear seat reclines flat, each kid has a tray in front, rotating canopy and a footrest. You are not left out either as a parent.

The stroller has an extra basket which you can easily access giving you a good storage, and fitted with a tray at the one-hand as well. The front wheels swivel and are lockable making it easier for you to maneuver your adventures.

  • Large storage basket
  • Convenient parent console
  • Easy to use
  • Difficult to turn sometimes

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Britax is one of the top names when it comes to childcare products. And their B-Agile Double Stroller doesnt disappoint.

It comes in an aluminum frame. At just 28 pounds, its one of the lightest doubles out there. It can also handle up to 50 pounds per seat, a bit more than many of its competitors. It has a quick-fold system, height adjustable handle bars and a no re-thread, adjustable 5-point harness. The under seat storage is huge and the canopies provide good shade. The extra storage pockets behind the seats are a nice touch. It lets you store smaller items.

B-Agile handles like a dream. The wheels suspension makes for a smooth ride even in slightly bumpy surfaces. Its easy to maneuver and will fit through most regular doors. The brakes are actually linked on the right rear wheel so you only need to push/pull on one side.

The harness is easy to adjust and will keep your kids safe and secure.

The stroller comes with a Britax Click & Go infant car seat receiver in the package. Thats definitely one accessory more than most.

The seats are slightly narrower than singles, however, and might be a bit of a problem for larger kids. Buckles also tend to stick. Thats a downside if youre in a hurry.

  • Easy fold and storage
  • Light
  • Huge canopy
  • Easy maneuverability
  • No problem fitting through regular doors
  • Harness adjustment is easy
  • Seats are narrower compared to same brand single strollers
  • Clips tend to stick – a challenge when youre in a hurry
  • Seat doesnt go completely flat nor completely upright

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Eclipse Stroller

Baby Trend has been designing strollers and other childcare products for a good long while now. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Eclipse Stroller therefore, definitely benefits from their years of experience and expertise.

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Eclipse has 3 wheels, seats for 2 and a large canopy. Like the Britax B-Agile, it can accommodate up to 50 pounds per seat. Unlike the B-Agile, it comes in just 3 rather standard colors black, navy and orange.

What separates it from the pack, though, is the extra padding on the head rest. The 5-point harness is also padded all over. The footrest has better legroom and huge canopies have equally large windows allowing you to see the entire child. The extra fabric also pulls back so now you get more headroom for your child as well.

The new suspension system minimizes the impact of road bumps. However, BOB scrimped on the footbrakes. The push/pull mechanism is the same youll find in regular strollers. Nothing revolutionary there.

Its a little hard to fit through regular doors so taking it along for shopping trips might be a challenge. Another downside is its 3-fold design. Youd have to use both hands to fold and tuck it away.

The waterproof fabric is one of its better features, though, and that almost makes up for the lack of any additional accessories out of the box.

  • Adjustable, fully-padded harness is very comfortable
  • easy to push almost like pushing air!
  • Huge canopy makes for amazing shade
  • waterproof
  • Does not come with a car seat adapter on the package.
  • No snack tray
  • Does not go fully flat (3/4 recline only)
  • Heavy
  • Folding up may require some effort
  • Handle bar is not adjustable

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller

First and foremost, dont let the brand name fool you. The Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller is NOT meant to be taken jogging.

Having said that however, youd be happy to know that it should be fine on regular walks. Its marketed as an all-terrain stroller, too. So that means normal paths and the slightly off-road ones will pose no challenge to the City Mini GTs wheel suspensions.

At a little over 32 pounds, its a little heavier than the closest competitors (BOB and Britax). But that shouldnt detract from the fact that it comes with Baby Joggers patented quick-fold technology making for easy folding and storage.

Its narrow body allows it to fit easily through doorways. And the real bonus? Handbrakes. No more leaning down to check the footbrakes or struggling with the push/pull using your sneakered foot.

Plush seats and easily adjustable straps have both your childs and your comfort in mind. Handle bars are fully adjustable. And the seats recline almost infinitely, albeit full-flat recline is impossible.

Alas, though, no other extra accessories come with the package and youd have to spend extra for them.

  • Lightweight
  • Folding is quick and easy
  • Very compact for a double
  • Good warranty
  • Off-road capability is limited
  • Accessories not included

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller

Another stroller from a great manufacturer is the Schwinn Turismo SwivelDouble Jogger. This stroller is specially meant for those parents who rank safety for the kids at top. Manual locking for the front wheel and Dual trigger folding mechanism makes sure that your kids are safe in the stroller. Moreover, the stroller is also equipped with an adjustable rubberized handle with a slip-resistant grip that makes sure that you lose the grip while jogging with the kids. What more? The stroller can easily be folded to carry in the trunk of your car.

It features Dual trigger folding mechanism, made from aluminum frame with adjustable, rubberized, handle, which is slip-resistant so you can easily take your kids with you while jogging with this stroller. It has tether strap that you can attach, wear around the waist and pull the stroller. The 12″ front, which you can lock or let it swivel, and 16″ rear gives it good performance and ensures your kids enjoys smooth ride. You and your kids can easily enjoy your drink of coffee or water from the pivoting trays with cup holders. The five positions, independent canopies protect your kids from sun rays. More so, the canopies have built-in mp3 speakers keeping the young ones entertained.

  • Ample storage space
  • It is  durable
  • It is afffodable
  • Little bit heavey

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger, Centennial

In case you are looking forward to buy an inexpensive and lightweight double stroller for infant and toddler then the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger would be a perfect choice for you. Although the stroller is available in relatively cheaper price than most of the double strollers available in the market, but that does not mean that you are compromising with the quality and performance.

The stroller is as good as any other stroller from the top brands. The best features of the stroller include: 12″ front & 16″ rear air-filled tires; parent tray and dual fin grip cup holders that makes it convenient for the parents to go for a long walk.

It features a contoured-rubberized handle, which is slip-resistant so you can easily take your kids with you while jogging with this stroller. It has tether strap that you can attach, wear around the waist and pull the stroller. The 12″ front, which you can lock or let it swivel, and 16″ rear gives it good performance and ensures your children enjoys smooth ride.

The five positions, independent canopies protect your kids from sun rays. You and your kids can easily enjoy your drink of coffee or water from the pivoting trays with cup holders. The dual trigger folding mechanism makes it easy and quick to fold to be transported.

  • Easy to Fold & Carry
  • Smooth ride
  •  Stroller can be stored in small spaces.
  • None

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Baby trend’s Sit N Stand Double stroller is a unique product that has perfect design, and cleverly thought out parts make it convenient to use for the parents as well the kids. Removable parts include the canopy and kids’ tray. By removing these parts as and when needed, the parents can easily adjust their kids in the stroller and make them comfortable.

You can travel with your children of varied ages and with fun. It features sit and stand seating for your kids. The younger child can sit in the front seat while the second kid can sit or stand at the back. You can recline the seats to give your child a comfortable position and they are fitted with canopy each. The five-point harness child restraint ensures safety of your kids and the child tray is removable or swing away. You as parent enjoy a covered tray compartment with two cup holders and easily used one hand fold.

  • It’s light weight
  • Easy to fold
  • Lots of storage space
  • Comfortable to push
  • Seatbelt is not comfortable

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Chicco Cortina Double Stroller is another lightweight stroller that comes with amazing features like the designer fabric, adjustable canopies, and 135-degree recliner seats. The seats have great cushion that provides utmost comfort to the kids. The stroller is very easy to carry and can be folded without any hassle. Additionally, the company provides lifetime warranty on the wheels, which means you won’t need to worry about the replacement wheels. Just call the company, and they will replace the defective wheels. Noah Grey/Blue Purple looks great for a stroller and your kids will love to travel on this stroller.

If you are looking for a customizable stroller, then this is it. It is designed with removable caps and straps. You will get two different sets of straps and caps which you can alternate to your choice, although, you can buy additional wheel caps straps of your color choice. The stroller is perfect for you if you are moving about in the city as it can be used on public transportation such as buses, subways, or taxis and it is lightweight stroller as it is made of aluminum frame. It has large storage basket that can accommodate diaper bag or your shopping while the back of the canopy has a pocket that can hold your cell phone and keys.

The stroller has great design and the quality of the material used is at par with the numerous other products of this category. If you are planning to buy a double stroller that is feather-light and has great features, then the Chicco Cortina Double Stroller would be a perfect choice for you.

  • Lightweight strollers
  • Accessible Storage Basket
  • Quick One-Hand Fold
  • Adjustable Seat
  • No Peekaboo Window

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller In Sand, Stone Frame, BJ11457

Baby Jogger 2014 City Mini GT Double Stroller is a classy product that not only looks great but also has features that are unique to its category. The stroller has front wheel suspension and 85″ all terrain non-flat tires that makes travelling easy and comfortable. The stroller has large adjustable canopies which come with the peek a boo windows. The stroller has a patented quick fold technology that enables the user to fold your stroller in less than a minute. Just fold it, and you are ready to go.

The stroller can accommodate even your taller kids as it features taller seat-back, longer foot-well and adjustable handlebar for heights. You have access to a large under seat basket, the storage compartments at the seat’ back and the hand-operated brakes at the rear. You can recline the supportive padded seats to a near flat position and also adjust, individually the sun canopies. The canopies allow you to check the kids the peek-a-boo windows. The 5-point adjustable harness, with buckle cover and shoulder pads, secures the young ones. The city mini GT features quick fold technology and its lockable swivel front wheels makes you maneuvers and stroll for long distance easily.

  • They are very durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to push
  • None

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller is for those parents who love to have a long with their kids and need a large tray to keep the essentials. The canopy used in the stroller can easily be removed in case you want to provide some extra head-space to your kids. This strollers for newborn and toddler can easily carry the weight of 80 pounds. So, no matter how old your kids are, you can easily carry them on this stroller.

You can travel with your children of varied ages and with fun. It features sit and stand seating for your kids. The younger child can sit in the front seat while the second kid can sit or stand at the back. You can recline the seats to give your child a comfortable position and they are fitted with canopy each. The five-point harness child restraint ensures safety of your kids and the child tray is removable or swing away. You as parent enjoy a covered tray compartment with two cup holders and easy-to-use one hand fold.

  • Fits nicely in small space
  • Removable trays and umbrellas
  • Easy to fold
  • Harness is not padded well

Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller

The Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller that comes in crimson red and Valencia gold variants are bright and fun enough to give the peacock blue Britax B-Agile a run for its money. But that’s not all it has working for it.

It comes with a cup holder that adjusts to accommodate small and large drinks. The under seat basket is large. And the entire thing folds with both seats and without a need to remove any parts. It even has a standing fold feature.

Eight different seating options give you the ability to seat the children facing each other or back to back, among others. You can also recline the seats quite easily.

The 5-point harness is adjustable and secure. The handle bar is smooth and handles firmly.

However, many owners lament the fact that the seats for all its features, is a bit shallow. Bigger children may find themselves slipping off. There also seems to be a problem with the weight distribution in the one we tested. It kept veering slightly to the right and required full focus to keep it running straight. And as with most of the others, there are no extra accessories included in the package.

  • Easy assembly
  • Good canopies
  • Huge, generous basket
  • Very nice reclining options
  • Light and compact
  • Easy fold-up
  • Fits most car seats
  • Nice and bright colors
  • No parent tray
  • No snack tray or cup holder for the children
  • Slightly uneven weight distribution

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller is the heaviest double stroller on this list. Because of this, plus the sheer size of a double, its definitely a challenge to maneuver. It wont fit a smaller doorway, thats for sure. Interestingly enough, though, it doesnt take a whole lot of space when folded up.

The Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller also comes with molded parent and child trays, each with 2 cup holders. Considering most strollers dont even come with a single cup holder, this really separates it from the rest. Another plus? It actually is a jogger. So fitness enthusiasts wont have to worry about leaving the kids behind while they run or jog. The exposed spring suspension will manage the road bumps and keep the children comfy.

But this is where it really leaves the competition in the dust- the Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller has built-in mp3 speakers. Sure, theyre really not as good as name-brand ones. The quality may not even come close to your smartphones speakers. But theyre enough to keep your children entertained and distracted enough so you can finish your run.

  • Comes with a small compartment thats good for holding small items
  • Small bars behind the headrest is great for hanging diaper bags
  • Cup holder is removable
  • Large basket area underneath
  • Backrest is nice and comfortable
  • Doesnt take a lot of space folded up
  • Set-up may be a bit of a challenge
  • Mp3 speakers are not quite as good as advertised
  • Wheel breaks are hard to push/pull
  • Will not fit in smaller doorways

Ratings Explained

Youd no doubt say that there are a whole lot more options out there. Thats true. But we didnt want to list all of them and waste your time reading every little bit.
What we did was do the legwork for you. And the research involved testing the products out. We didnt want the ratings to be biased though. So we also scoured the net for reviews from other users, blogs and retail outlets. We then assigned star points per category based on the average ratings from us and other reviewers. We hope that ensures a well-rounded, unbiased review for you.

Tips For Choosing the Most Appropriate Double Stroller For You and Your babies

Babies are most welcome in every family, so one could only imagine how much excitement there would be when it is announced that not one child is expected, but two.  This does, however, come not only with twice the excitement but also twice the work.  Another crib has to be bought, perhaps a separate room, another car seat and, for the parents who are always on the go, a double stroller.

A decade ago purchasing a double stroller may have been quite difficult.  Nowadays though, the arrival of twins, though not commonplace, has already become frequent enough to require a market for this particular type of stroller.  Just like anything that is on the market though, there are a number of variants of double strollers, and going through them could be confusing.  To lessen this confusion, here are some tips on choosing double strollers that hopefully would help you pick what is right for you.

Safety Features

For a unit to belong to the top rated double strollers in 2018, it has to integrate a number of safety features. These include a fixed front tire that will not swivel but is still easy to maneuver around bends. This makes the unit remain on a straight path as you jog. With a five-point harness and a child seat made deep enough, your child will not easily slide out while you navigate the jogging pathways.

To keep the unit from traveling faster than is manageable as you go down a downhill path, a bike-style hand brake can be hugely helpful. When you accidentally lose your grip on the handles, a safety wrist strap keeps the stroller safely anchored to your arm.

Most importantly, make sure the stroller carries the Juvenile Products Manufacturers’ Association certification on safety.

Comfort Features

Tall parents will appreciate larger wheels that enable easy maneuverability, if the unit is not built with adjustable handlebars. A large, roomy seat is comfortable for the baby. An extra-large canopy helps protect your child from the sun. The seat should be low enough to allow the child to sit up straight during the stroll. A high weight limit enables your child to use the stroller till he’s old enough to jog with you on his own two legs.

Shock absorbers make the ride less stressful for the baby. A good suspension system ensures easy maneuverability.

Convenience Features

A product gets raves in double stroller reviews when it comes with good storage features, so you can bring along your keys, mobile devices or wallet when you go jogging with your little one. A peek-a-boo window on the canopy lets you have a view of your pint-size rider while jogging. A reclining feature lets the child relax easily in the seat. A foot rest lets your child have someplace to rest his feet and not leave them dangling.

An easy-fold design allows you to take the unit down with one hand and hold baby in the other, while also enabling easy storage. Some models come with a child tray where your child can have his sippy cup or snacks within easy reach.

Some models even have a built-in MP3 player to entertain you and your baby.

Durability and Light Weight

Aluminum alloy is lightweight and resistant to rust, making the stroller usable for the long term. A fixed front wheel can make it difficult to navigate around bends, but the large size of the component should be complemented by an extra-sturdy construction. Large wheels also offer less resistance while jogging. Typically, jogging strollers are bulky because of their heavy-duty construction, so try to search for models that offer a balance between weight and functionality.

Look for units proven for their long-lasting durability.

A baby double stroller Is The Perfect Present For Young Parents

A baby double stroller is the perfect gift for the mother and father of a brand new set of twins, but this wonderful, technological marvel can also be the right gift for a young family. A baby double stroller may appear a bit excessive for a couple with a new child, but a baby double stroller can also be the right present for folks with a younger toddler and a new baby. The newest baby double strollers are made to accommodate a small baby, and an older brother or sister. A superb baby double stroller is now designed to hold as much as 100 pounds.

Most of the high quality baby double strollers will accommodate youngsters up to the age of six months. Pushing around 100 pounds might sound like an unimaginable activity, but the baby double strollers are designed to maneuver easily through your local mall or an airport. The knowledgeable engineers have designed the baby double strollers with great care. The wheels are designed to swivel, and this feature supplies good mobility to the parent pushing it. The wheels are also carefully crafted to lock when needed to avoid any accidents.

Best double stroller for infant and toddler Has Many Sensible Options

Baby double strollers are carefully designed to transport a couple of babies when the need arises, in addition the latest models have many practical features to assist dad and mom when they are out and about with these small children. Although an excellent stroller for two can carry as much as 100 pounds, many of these effective devices are lightweight for easy transport when the children aren’t aboard. Most of them fold up quite easily to fit into the airplanes or to throw into the trunk of the car. Furthermore, there are a number of good double strollers, which are fabricated from sturdy materials which allow for very easy clean up after your small children.

A good double stroller for infant and toddler comes with a harness that may protect your kids from any bumps and jolts along the way. A good stroller must be constructed with sturdy, long lasting and heavy duty materials which can be comfortable for the passengers. There are also some fantastic covers that can be added to those strollers to guard your children from the sun, wind and different elements. There are some models out there with clear covers to protect the kids from rain or snow. These covers are additionally designed to keep your kids warm in the stroller. A number of the different options will make life for the parents even easier when utilizing their stroller. There are water bottle holders and racks for bag, packages and additional clothing. Compartments with zippers will keep different belongings safe and secure.

If your family or the family you are buying a gift for has had the stroke of luck to have increased by two instead of just one, a double baby stroller will be perfect for you. These come in either side-by-side double stroller or tandem double stroller seating, and a double baby stroller can be found in any of the colors of the rainbow.

Know what is offered

One cannot buy what is most suited for himself or herself without knowing the different items that are being offered in a certain category.  For double strollers, there are four main categories that are being offered right now.  These are, namely:

  •  The Double Jogger – this could be considered the most rugged among the group, as it is meant for taking the kids out not just for a stroll, but for a jog.  It has a good set of shocks, and is able to keep the kids comfortable throughout the whole journey.  It is strong and sturdy, but is not recommended for newborn kids not because of the item itself, but because children that young should not be exposed to any type of shake or jolt.  Double joggers may soften whatever bounces the children may feel, but it will not eliminate it totally.
  • The Tandem Stroller – This is the more common type of stroller as it could be one of the cheapest that could be found on the market.  Known to some as “the limo”, this double stroller has the two kids aligned one behind the other.  It is extremely useful for parents who visit groceries with the kids as this stroller can maneuver the narrow aisles of the grocery.  This cannot, however, withstand the bumps of a jog as it is usually for strolls on the street and nothing faster.
  • The side-by-side stroller – This features two seats on a stroller, side-by-side.  This is excellent as it allows the children to lean back and sleep should it be needed.  It also has a fairly good set of shock absorbers, so it gives a very comfortable ride.  Manufacturers, however, have been recently been trying to trim down its girth as this is its major drawback.  Trimming it down has not made it any better though as it has just made the chairs tighter for the bigger children.
  • The all-terrain stroller – this is a more maneuverable version of the jogger, which is along the same price range.  With good shock absorbers in the wheels, it allows for a smooth ride and gives the one pushing the cart good command of the vehicle as the wheels allow for a very small turning radius.
Know what you need – The different types of double strollers came to be because of the different needs of the people who use them. In order to make sure that you get the appropriate type of stroller, determine where you will be going, and see which is the most useful for you. If long strolls are what you will be using the stroller for, then the tandem stroller may already work well for you.

There are a lot of items to consider when purchasingBest double stroller for infant, but the two tips on choosing double strollers that are mentioned above should help in shortening the decision making process.


When choosing a double stroller for infant and toddler for year 2017 and 2018, look at the features such that extra storage or cup holders, the age of your kids, the type of roads you are using so as to pick stroller with suitable wheels and most importantly, the safety of the kids. These were the top 10 double stroller for the year 2018 available in the market. All the strollers are great to buy, and provide great value for your money. Just check the features, price and availability in your area, and you are good to go.

Double strollers are notorious for being big and bulky. Theyre also known for being overpriced. Dont let the image scare you off, though. Because doubles are actually very convenient equipment to have.
Of course they can be big and hard to maneuver through doors and narrow streets. And yes finding room in the car trunk to fit it and all your other stuff can be challenging. But pushing one double stroller is also significantly easier than carrying an infant and pushing a single stroller with a toddler.

It may be hard to find a double stroller that has everything you want and need. But these 5 come pretty close to perfect. They keep your childrens safety and comfort in mind, and mostly wont drain your pockets, either.

Hopefully, the reviews above can help you find the perfect fit for you and your children before you go crazy. Have fun shopping!

Best double stroller for infant and toddler in 2018
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