Best Center Channel Speaker in 2018

Looking for the best center channel speaker for the money? You have landed the right place. you know, the center channel is an audio channel that is commonly found with surround sound systems. It is the channel that is fully or partially dedicated towards the reproduction of audio that is directed towards the center of the room in which the system is placed.

The ideal setup of a best center channel speaker for home theater is that of which is placed in front of the video output device with its surround speakers encompassing the room. This helps users experience audio as if were coming from the front of the system. In most video home entertainment systems the center channel speaker is placed above or below the video display.

List of Best Center Channel Speaker for 2018.

Polk Audio TL1 Speaker Center Channel (Each, Black)

The Polk Audio TL1 Speaker Center Channel (Each, Black) bring full portability to outdoor speakers. They can be battery powered to provide long listening pleasure in any room or outside location. An AC adapter is also included so that the speakers can be plugged into the electricity supply any time you want to save on batteries.

These top center channel speakers are able to receive signals through walls and other obstacles at a range of up to150 feet from the transmitter. To aid in obtaining crystal clear reception the units are equipped with Phase Loop Lock circuitry which automatically finds the optimum frequency.

Whether you want to use them for your home theater system, mp3 player, computer, etc., you just need to turn on the device and the speakers and you’re good to go. An added bonus is that the volume can be adjusted with the provided remote control.

In keeping with the best outdoor speakers, The Polk Audio TL1 Speaker s have been designed to resist the weather and are water resistant. This has not compromised there good looks, however, and they will still look fine when they are brought into the house for indoor use.


  • Nice clear audio
  • Reproduces voices very well
  • Powerful and stylish

  • Small in size for a center channel speaker

Yamaha NS-IW760 6.5″ 2-Way In-Wall Speaker System (White)

Yamaha can usually be relied upon to produce products that are well made and fit for the job and the Yamaha NS-IW760 6.5″ 2-Way In-Wall Speaker are in that category. They are designed to be used either indoors or outdoors so after a summer of outdoor listening they can be hooked up to your sound equipment in your living room.

Center channel speakers need to have protection from the elements and the enclosures of the Yamaha NS-IW760 6.5″ 2-Way In-Wall Speaker are sealed to make them water resistant. The grilles are made from aluminum and are corrosion proof.

To simplify installation the speakers have five-way binding posts to connect with several different speaker cable endings, including banana plugs, and Yamaha even includes two lengths of cable with the NS-IW760 s to make the job easier. Included as standard are brackets and mounting bases.

If the speakers are being used indoors they can be placed them on or near a TV or video monitor with no fear of picture degradation as they are magnetically shielded.


  • Very clear and crisp audio
  • Great sound with tons of mid bass
  • Mounting is very simple

  • Screws are weak

Yamaha NS-C444 2-Way Center Channel Speaker

The Yamaha NS-C444 2-Way Center Channel Speaker are small enough to fit neatly on a bookshelf yet have a performance that belies their compact size. They have a good range of frequency response allowing the user to enjoy a reasonable bass output combined with a higher than usual response in the higher frequencies. Because of their low power requirements they can be driven by a smaller amplifier, thus saving a little on costs.

The best outdoor speakers can be identified by their manufacturer’s attention to good performance in the outdoor setting. Yamaha have achieved this but without compromising on indoor sound quality as their NS-C444 speakers are quite capable of being used indoors when the weather turns cold.  The quality of their build and the good sound give them  their high build quality and sound delivery mean they are equally at home being used for two-channel listening indoors.

As they have been designed to play a dual role as indoor and outdoor speakers they are best thought of as being weather resistant rather than fully waterproofed. The latter requires a much more heavy duty construction which is not appropriate for use in your living room. Nevertheless they are able to withstand light wind and rain tanks to the sealed enclosures and corrosion-proof aluminum grilles. Included in the package are mounting bases and brackets.


  • Crystal clear sound
  • Easy to setup
  • Stylish design

  • Speaker is little larger

Yamaha NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker

The Yamaha NS-C210BL Center Channel Speakers are designed to give the user a great sound experience with particular emphasis on outdoor use on patios, barbecue areas, pools, etc. The NS Series of center channel speakers are built to be weather and UV resistant and can be made fully waterproof if necessary. A useful fitment is the aluminum grilles which are rustproof. The gold terminals that are supplied are, of course, corrosion free.

This compact center channel speaker set has plenty of power for most domestic situations with its 130 watts power and 87dB sensitivity. The housing and grille are black but they can be painted in a color to suit your own decor or surroundings.

Because these speakers are not waterproof it is recommended that they are installed under the eaves or any overhanging structure to provide adequate protection against the elements. The outdoor speakers are supplied with fully adjustable mounting brackets.


  • Pre-installed mounting brackets made installation quick.
  • produce clear sound
  • Speaker looks great

  • None

Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker

The Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker have been designed to provide a wide sound dispersion pattern so as to give excellent sound quality over a large outdoor listening area. They have a very efficient performance, being able to work well on only 10 watts per channel. Their sealed-enclosure cabinets help to give a good bass, and they incorporate several features to help to distribute high frequencies more efficiently.

The best outdoor speakers come with good waterproofing as standard Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker speakers are no exception. They are said to meet or exceed military standards for weatherproofing. For example, they are fitted with gold-plated binding post terminals which will never corrode and the speaker grilles are made from aluminum.

The attention to detail doesn’t end there as these outdoor speakers are constructed using stainless steel and brass hardware to give years of protection from corrosion. The mounting bracket is also made from aluminum and is capable of providing multiple mounting options together with a full 90 degrees rotation. This gives the user an opportunity to aim the speakers to obtain the most effective performance.

The standard finish is white although the units can be painted any color to match your surroundings. If wished they can be painted green or a similar color to blend them in with the foliage. The front baffle and rounded enclosures reduce diffraction to the minimum and the grilles give 55 percent open area to provide better high-frequency response than speakers with denser grilles.


  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Great speaker for the price.
  • Easy to setup

  • Little bit large and heavy

Center Channel Speakers-Buyer’s Guide

In a surround sound setup the budget center channel speaker is one of the most important. All the dialogue in a proper 5.1 Dolby digital setup or THX theater speaker configuration comes from the center speaker. There are lots of different brands of speakers like Klipsch, Bose, B and W, Sony, Polk and more.  A center speaker is not a place where you want to skimp you want to make sure the speakers are built with premium components to reduce distortion and ear fatigue because they will be producing almost all of the sound on any TV show or movie.

Why Center Channel Speakers are so important

One of the chief features why center channels are important in any home entertainment system is due to the fact that it elevates the audio experience of the system. It provides a much more crisp and treble boosting experience that helps users make the most of their systems. Today, as 3D sound and higher bit rate systems are introduced to the world of audio/video technology, it has opened up an entire new aspect of entertainment which can be taken advantage of only with a center channel speaker. Those home owners that would love to give their rumpus rooms a boost as if they were in a live environment or that of a cinema hall should look into procuring a center channel speaker system to amplify their overall experience.

One of the biggest challenges that most home owners face is that of being perplexed with the number of center channel speakers in the market and which are the ideal ones for their homes. Due to the high demand of these systems, there have been a number of manufacturers that have developed varieties of the device with ranging differences in their wattage and output formats. Finding the best amongst these can become a daunting task for many.

However, if one were to scout the market based on their preferred requirements, they would be able to make a thorough decision. In order to understand which are the best center channel speakers that can give a home owner the best audio experience, it is best advised that they first understand what components and wattage would match their needs.  Ideally, a 125W system would do well in a sound proof room. Unfortunately, not many home owners are fortunate enough to get their rooms sound proofed. This is why a 150W to 170W center channel speaker is recommended. Those that would like to get a more powerful thump and bass boost can look into procuring a more powerful system.

Some of the biggest names in the audio/video industry today make few of the finest center channel speakers. Companies such as Sony, Polk Audio, BIC America, Boston Acoustics and more are just few of the names in the market. Each of their products offers a diverse range of features that vary with dome tweeters and woofers. Additionally, the frequency of these center channel speakers range anywhere between 40Hz to 80Hz depending upon their wattage and more. Choosing the best center channel speaker for one’s home can be easily done if homeowners have someone they know who are good with electronics. Alternatively, reading a few reviews and testimonials by other buyers that can vouch for the product is a great way to get an unbiased understanding of the speaker.

It is highly recommended that buyers make their procurement from stores that are reputable and are well established in the electronic retail market. Understanding the technical details of the center channel speaker before making procurement would better help buyers find the best center channel for the year 2018 that would be able to match up to their preferential and financial requirements.


Best Center Channel Speaker in 2018
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