Best Boxing Shoes 2018-Bubyers Guide

When you are first starting out with boxing, what you will first discover is that it is not an expensive sport to get into. While there are a wide variety of gadgets available to you as a beginner, you wont really need most of them because at this stage, only the bare equipment such as best boxing shoes, gloves etc. is needed. However, if you are already an expert, the scene will obviously be different.

You already know what you need, how to get them, and even how to go about selecting the right one for your needs. In this article, we are going to choose only one category of equipment you will need whether you are an expert or beginner at boxing, you need it. And that is boxing shoes. We are going to select the top ten boxing shoes and write a summary for each so that you can choose which one best fits your budget and lifestyle.

Who Needs this top boxing shoes?

This product is great for those who are looking to starting out with boxing. If you are a beginner to boxing, perfect boxing shoes is one of the essential ingredients in your arsenal of tools. It will be required when you are training as well as when you actually do boxing with a partner. This product is also good for those who are looking to gym and those who run as a form of exercise. Once you are able to select the right pair of shoes, you are on your way to comfort and enjoyment.

Our List Of Ten Best Boxing Shoes

Ringside Youth Undefeated Boxing Shoes

Ringside Youth Undefeated Boxing Shoes features a mesh construction that gives room for enough ventilation so that fresh air can get into the shoe to keep your feet cool and the sole gives you right amount of flexibility that is needed for every boxer. While this shoe is designed for boxers who want to get the best performance from training and championships, others can make use of these shoes as regular shoes. These will give your leg a good fit so that you dont slip when you plant your feet on the ground; this is especially useful on the parquet floor. It is also good for bumps and jump roping, as it is quite durable and solid.

Otomix Limited Edition Pro Boxer Men’s Boxing Shoes

It provides maximum ankle padding for additional support. They come in excellent and stylish design that is pleasing to the eye. During our research, we discovered that users love the fitting because it is tight and stable. In addition, the sole on this model is stronger and more durable so that you can enjoy complete support. Unlike other shoes, they combine durability, support and comfort. This makes them versatile and usable in many applications. For instance, they can serve as excellent gym shoes as well as boxing shoes.

Asics Men’s Dan Gable Ultimate 3 Shoe

They provide enhanced medial arch support and the rubber sole provides durability and adequate support. They have the right combination of stiffness and flex in the sole, which would allow them to fit snugly around your feet. It is produced of good quality materials that make it durable & long lasting. In addition, they provide maximum support as well as nice ventilation through the mesh panel. The arch support on these shoes is great and they are comfortable. These features will allow you to enjoy long hours of training especially if you are a professional boxer. Overall, these are great shoes for both experienced boxer and the beginner.

Lonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Boots

This model is designed with a textile and suede upper. This design would help you get maximum comfort and durability from these shoes. With the outsole that is designed with waffle, this model will give you the chance to have a strong grip on the ring so that you can move well in different directions, thus allowing you to have the much needed flexibility that is important while you are in the ring. The midsole gives you cushioning and comfort for both boxing and training.

TITLE Hi-Top Boxing Boots

It is built in a height that makes it ideal for action, speed, style and ultimate ankle support. The manufacturer designs it with beautiful embossed logos so that you can enjoy the stylish and modern look it will give you. They are suitable for both male and female with variety of sizes to be chosen from. They are light in weight so that you can lift them with ease and get faster during boxing training. Overall, these shoes cost less than sixty dollars and the performance so far is okay for a product of this pricing.

ASICS Boxing Shoes

If you are looking for the set of boxing gloves that will provide support as well as maximum comfort even while they are under heavy load, this is it. They are light, soft, and come with solid laces, which help to provide strength and agility during usage. The split-sole design makes it easy on the leg and ease the pain that could result from long hours of training. It is designed from quality materials and fits well on the leg for the ultimate performance. They come in a flat sole, which makes them suitable for MMA and other boxing styles that require flat sole.

TITLE Lo-Top Boxing Shoes

These shoes are reliable, flexible and well made. They are also designed to be lightweight so that your legs can be faster when you put them on. This is mostly useful when you are using them for running because the faster your leg, the quicker you can complete your race. While we were researching, we noticed that some users were complaining that the sole on this unit is not thick and they were not glued to the boot. This could kill the quality of the boot. If you feel you can repair this, then these shoes are a nice option for you if you want to take your boxing to the next level. This is because they are inexpensive and can be used for regular boxing training.

TITLE Bout Champ Exploit Boxing Shoes

If you are looking for the kind of shoes that will hold on well for the period of their usage, this is it. They are well constructed and provide the right fit. Not only are these made from high-quality materials, they also come in very beautiful design that will make eyes turn. Because of the quality of construction of this unit, they can fit very tightly when you select the right size. Once you have the right set of adjustments in place, you will enjoy the comfort as well as the reliability of this unit.

Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes

The Adidas Box Hog 2 boxing boot has a low profile design so that it can give you durability and long lasting service. It has adidas Box Hog 2 Adult Boxing Bootan upper mesh construction that gives enough room for ventilation thereby keeping your leg cool whenever you are wearing them. This will also help your mind to stay close to the fighting and get ahead of your opponent. Adidas hog is built from suede material so that the shoes can give you ultimate comfort. The material is light in weight, durable and gives you the sturdy feel that you get from quality materials.

Ringside Undefeated High Top Muay Thai MMA Boxing Shoes

These shoes are well designed. Unlike other shoes we have reviewed, this one does not only pack substance, it also comes in an excellent style. They are also comfortable on the legs. You can use them in professional wrestling training without getting tired on the leg in the early part of the training session. In fact, they are designed in such a way that you can wear them like ordinary boots without looking strange.

Best boxing shoes : Buyer’s Guide


One of the most important factors you need to consider when buying boxing shoes is the design. You need to ask yourself questions like what materials are they made from? Will the design improve usability and comfort while using these shoes? Once you can answer positives to these questions, you are on your way to selecting the right shoes for your needs.


Another important aspect of selecting the right shoes is the size. We have seen many people complain that the shoes they bought are not their size and thereafter return it. This is a waste of time and effort. In order to avoid this, you have to make sure that you know your size and be sure the unit you are buying will fit you.


The material of shoes will determine how long they will last. We recommend you should buy shoes that are made from thick materials.


You have to be careful of the kind of shoes you are buying. Some shoes have flimsy soles that are not even properly attached to the shoes making them to break of with a few month usages.


Before you buy any boxing shoe, make sure it is made from high-quality materials by reading through the review of previous users.


The weight a set of shoes will determine how light they are on the feet and if they are going to be fast and quick. For better performance, look for boxing shoes that are light in weight.


This is the most important factor out of all we have listed. The kind of shoe you eventually buy will be determined by your budget. However, don’t be afraid, as boxing gloves are not usually expensive. Most are less than $50 and you can get very good shoes for less than $100.

Final Decision

Now that you have gone through the whole article, the next thing you need to do is to make your choice. We recommend that you read the section above carefully so that you can understand the nuances involved in the selection of best boxing shoes. One you decide on the ideal shoes, don’t forget to select the right size so that you will be able to enjoy your unit without experiencing any problem.

Best Boxing Shoes 2018-Bubyers Guide
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