Best Air Mattress for Camping-Buyer’s Guide

A good night’s sleep is very important if you are to be ready for the challenges of the day ahead and best air mattress for camping can give you the sleep you so yearn for. An air mattress is an inflatable sleeping bed. Because of its buoyancy, it is also used as a flotation device or water toy by a lot of people. It is termed as Li-lo in the United Kingdom.

A good majority of air mattresses for camping are made from PVC vinyl plastic. More recent air beds are made from textile reinforced urethane plastic or rubber. The air bed can easily be folded and carried or rolled up. Storage is not a problem either.

This is what makes them very popular for camping, sleepovers and temporary bedding too. The air bed can be inflated orally or by using a valve which is powered manually or through an electric pump.

Things to Look For When Choosing Best Air Mattress for camping

When you’re getting ready to make a new purchase it can be frustrating figuring out how to decide what’s a good option. Below is a short list of things to look for when choosing an air mattress that will help you make sure you’ll have what you need.

There is so much on the market, from matching box springs to digital remote features that the choice in a mattress becomes confusing. When it comes to selecting an air mattress, the best rule of thumb to follow is normally, the simpler the mattress, the better. This will, however, depend on your particular needs.

Something that’s very important that easily gets overlooked is to make sure they come with a pump, or that you’ve purchased one separately. A lot of inflatable beds don’t come with these and there’s nothing worse than getting home and realizing your options are to head back to the store or blow it up manually. This isn’t to say that it has to come with the bed–you might be able to find a cheap deal that doesn’t come with one and buy a pump at a good price separately, just make sure to take this into consideration.

Do they come with a bag or something easy to store them with, and do they mention how large they are folded up? If you’re going to be using your air mattress for camping, or for guests, it will spending most of it’s time in storage, so how easy it is to store it really does matter. You should be able to get the air out and fold the bed up neatly into a bag.

An air bed should make you feel like you are on “cloud nine”. Consider what you’ll be using it for, what size bed you need and what additional options are best for you.

Best Air mattresses are designed for the home, apartment and tents, and modern airbeds do have the advantage of easy use. Once you decide your use for the airbed, you will then want to determine the size of the bed to meet your needs.

Queen and King sized airbeds are designed to sleep two persons. Twin sized mattresses are space saving.

Features to Look For

When you select best air mattress there are certain features that you should be aware of. Fabric is one. It is best to choose a combination of a fabric that is durable and flexible. This will mean the difference of comfort. The quality of fabric is determined by the intended use of the air mattress and the maintenance required.

Three Types of Air Mattresses

There are three main categories of inflatable beds according to their use. One is the camping mattress, another is the temporary home use mattress and lastly, there is the full time permanent use air beds which is similar backpacking sleeping bag. There are inflatable beds which are made for dual use, guest use and camping, but most are designed for a single purpose.

Camping mattresses are smaller in size and they are more lightweight compared to those which are used in homes. These camping mattresses are called sleeping pads. There are also mattresses which are made to be used in vehicles.

In stores today, you will see a lot of inflatable beds available. Most air beds today are of conventional or standard size, but it is also not unusual to find queen sized air beds. Air beds are very popular because of the fact that it can greatly improve things for people who suffer from back pains.

Because of the fact that the firmness of the inflatable bed can be easily adjusted, it is able to accommodate different weights, sizes and body shapes. Some of the most popular names in the inflatable bed industry are Wenzel, Intex, Coleman and Aerobed.

Most Popular Air Mattresses

One of the most popular air beds today is the Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom which comes with a built-in pump. This has a starting cost of $70. This is an excellent inflatable bed which comes at a very affordable price.

Another affordable item which is worth looking into is the Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Rising Comfort Twin. This has a grade of four out of five and it is available for only $40. This also comes with a built-in electric pump.

The Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed is a twin size bed which has garnered great reviews from customers and it comes with multiple configurations. You can buy this for under $50. This is also rated 4 stars out of 5.

Aerobed is considered an A-lister when it comes to air beds. The Aerobed Guest Choice Inflatable Bed which is available for only $60 and this also has a rating of 4 stars out of 5. This is perfect for outdoor use but it is an air mattress which priced a bit higher compared to others on the list, it costs less than hundred bucks.

Best Air Mattress for Camping-Buyer’s Guide
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