About Us

10 Exposed was built by Amilia Anderson and maintain by 10 Exposed Team– we love to reveiew various products and like to dork out about them online. We don’t accept direct sponsorships or payments from any of the brands listed on this page, because we want to make sure our recommendations are fair and balanced.

We spent more than hundreds of hours researching top ten list for various product. Our aim is to be different: We’re not just trawling the internet for reviews and summarizing them for you, instead, everything we recommend here is hand-picked.

There has been a lot of talk about the power of aggregated sentiment analysis, which is how most comparison websites claim to build their picks, but we don’t think this is the right approach. Product picks made by machine end up with a lot of problems: Just check the leading shopping comparison websites for a sample.

Nothing can beat an intelligent reviewer with a careful, painstaking selection process, and that is what we are doing. Each product that we recommend goes through several stages of editorial review, to make sure you only end up with the good stuff. We’re looking for the best five items for the typical user, and to find these, we are weighing hundreds of factors, and mixing it all together with a bit of common sense.

We do receive affiliate fees from merchants such as ebay, walmart, and amazon, if you support us by clicking a link on our website to one of these merchants, and buy something super-awesome, however these fees will not increase your purchase price (you’ll pay the same as a regular visitor would to these websites.) We want your comments: Please use the discussion forum on this page to show us how you feel!

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